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Cambridge-MIT Exchange - 2013/14

2013 sees the 13th year of the exchange, however due to the end of central University funding, only Engineering students are taking part in the exchange as a result of support from BP

The table below shows the timetable for the exchange in the next year, including the application period which starts in January. For more details see the Applications section below.

The Exchange Timetable

CUED Students MIT Students

Nov - Dec

Departmental CME Presentations


CUED Options Talks [PDF]
Submit Application [link]


Submit Application [link]


Selection Confirmation

Mar - Apr

Selection Confirmation

May - Jul/

Apply for Visas etcApply for Visas etc
Plan provisional course options



[End] Orientation at MIT


{Early] MIT Autumn Semester starts [MID] Communication boot camp @ MIT/td>
[END] Orientation @ Cambridge


{Early] CUED Michaelmas Term starts


[MID] End of Autumn Semester {Early] End of CUED Michaelmas Term


[Early] IAP starts at MIT {Early-MID ]CUED Lent term starts


[Early] Spring Semester starts at MIT


[Mid] End of Lent term


[Mid] Start of Easter term
[Mid] IIA Tripos Exams


[MId] End of Spring semester


[Early] End of Easter term


The programme is intended to be "fee neutral" as far as possible and thus minimize additional costs to you. You will pay your usual University of Cambridge tuition fees even though you are physically at MIT; this arrangement includes Overseas and Island students.

Overseas and Island students, and those UK/EU students who are not certified as eligible for fee support, are also responsible for paying for Cambridge College fees (other than tuition).

The fees you should expect to pay at MIT are:

Application Procedure [1]

Prior to submitting your application you should discuss the exchange and options with your Tutor or Director of Studies. You will need one of them (or your Senior Tutor) to complete the required reference, and you will need your Senior Tutor to counter-sign the application and send it to the CME administrator in CUED.
N.B. Only applications sent by Senior Tutors will be accepted. Applications sent directly by students will not be considered..

Please ensure you fill in the Declaration of Interest form and email it to, so that the office can track your application and assure that all materials are received.

As a Engineering student you must complete/submit the documents detailed below.

  1. CME Declaration Form word doc Open Office doc PDF which should be completed and then emailed to, with the subject line 'CME Declaration', to indicate that you are submitting an application.
    N.B. Must be emailed by 9am Mon. 21st Jan 2013,
    You will be sent a confirmation email once the submission has been checked.
  2. Brief CV (Max 2 pages A4), submitted with CME Application form below
  3. CME Application Form word doc Open Office doc PDF which should be completed and handed to your college referee by 9am Monday 21st January 2013."
  4. CME Reference Form PDF
    College Referee to pass papers to your Senior Tutor by 9am Monday 28th January 2013"
    Forms to be returned by your Senior Tutor to the CME Administrator by 5pm Monday 4th February 2013

Students, Senior Tutors, Tutors and Directors of Studies are welcome to email or contact the

CME Coordinator (Dr Peter Long,, Tel 01223 332779)

or the

Course Administrator (Mrs Lisa Morrow,, Tel. 01223 332620)

Surface mail to

CME Administrator
c/o Language Lab.
Cambridge University Engineering Department
Trumpington St
Cambridge CB2 1PZ

Course Selection [2]


Q - What does DDR mean?
A - DDR is short for 'Deemed to have Deserved Honours'
Q - What about the Institutions?
Q - Are there visa problems
Q -

Cambridge-MIT Exchange @ CUED
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