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IDP Staff

The IDP is organised by four members of the academic staff supported by many other members of the department. If you require information/help related to a particular project please, in order

  1. Check the website for information
  2. Check the current and general FAQ forums. If appropriate post a question
  3. During timetablled sessions - contact a demonstrator
  4. Contact Mr. M. Brown (IDP Technician) - mjb -@-
  5. Contact Dr. P. Long pjgl2 - @ -
  6. Send a message to

Course Planning

Dr D.D. Symons Dr. P.R. Palmer Dr. P.J.G. Long
Software Electrical Mechanical & Coordination

Industrial Advisors

Microsoft - CEO - Cambridge Angel
Prof Sam Beale James Hurst Prof Pieter Knook Prof Rick Mitchell
F1 Team manager - CTO Rolls Royce British Army - MD Winkhaus UK Philips - CTO Domino

Technical Support & Demonstrators

EIETL - Electronic Components
M.J. Brown R .Christmas S. Moss K.Ablett
EIETL - IDP Coordination Workshop coordination Workshop - Sheet Metal & Support
T.P. Love P. Garside S.P. Tebboth
Software Electronics Software/Microprocessor CAD/CAM