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[Univ of Cambridge] [Dept of Engineering] CUED Prizes

CUED Student and Staff Prizes, Awards and Scholarships

There are a large number of Prizes and Awards available to Undergraduates/Graduates and Members of Staff. The table below gives direct links to further information on the Engineering related prizes, on pages sorted by applicant type e.g. 2nd year undergraduate. The individual records gives information on the award, application details, contact names and web links for further information.
(An alphabetical list of the prizes contained in this database,is given at the bottom of this page.)


External Entry Grants and Scholarships


First year / Part IA Prizes, Awards and Scholarships


Second Year / Part 1B Prizes, Awards and Scholarships


Third Year / Part IIA Prizes, Awards and Scholarships


Fourth Year / Part IIB Prizes, Awards and Scholarships


Internal and External Undergraduate Prizes

(Open to All Years)

Graduate / Post Graduate Prizes, Awards andScholarships


Open Prizes, Awards and Scholarships (Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Staff)


Staff Prizes, Awards and Scholarships

Full List

of prizes with closing/submission dates in the next two months.

Prize Entries DUE

Prizes, Awards and Scholarships with normal Submission dates between February - April

Scholarships - Bursaries - Entry Grants (UG)

Peterhouse Science Essay prize ( April )

Inspire Scholarship Scheme ( Nov-Feb )

REACT Foundation Bursary Award ( February )

IMechE West Cumbria branch -Mech Eng Bursary ( February )

Part IA Prizes - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

Electronic Design ( April/May )

Part IB Prizes - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

No entries Due

Part IIA Prizes - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

No entries Due

Part IIB Prizes - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

UKSTT Project prize ( March )

Happold Trust Sponsorship ( February )

Open Undergraduate Prizes - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

Head of Department Design ( April/May )

Whitworth Scholarship ( April )

IstructE Undergraduate Research Grants ( March )

Kenneth Watson Travel Award ( February )

Graduate/Postgraduate Prizes - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

IEE Postgraduate Scholarship ( End of April )

Leslie H. Paddle Scholarship ( End of April )

IEE Management Scholarship ( April )

Leonard Research Grant ( April )

Robinson Research Fellowship ( April )

NCE Graduate Award ( March )

Industrial Design Studentships ( April )

Hudswell Bequest Travelling Fellowship ( April and September )

QUEST Eloise Plunkett Award ( February )

QUEST Foreign Language Award ( February )

Open Prizes and Awards - Bursaries/Scholarships/Sponsorships

J.R. Beard Travelling Fund ( April and September )

Whittle Reactionaries Prize ( March )

Science Writer Awards ( March )

Young Business Start Up Awards ( Mid February )

Non-Engineering Related Scholarship, Awards, Grants and Prizes

No entries Due

Department Prize Day

Undergraduate prizes awarded by the Department are normally presented at the Prize Day ceremony late in the Michaelmas or early in the Lent term. For further information about this year's ceremony and a photo archive of previous years see Prize Day Archive.

In addition there is a small database of links to additional Prizes/Awards/Scholarships which are not Engineering specific. Click Here for further information

Alphabetical List of Prizes/Awards

1A Conceptual Design Prizes First Year
1A Structural Design Prizes First Year
1A Computing Prizes First Year
1A 'Engineer in the Society' Essay Prize First Year
1A Integrated Electronics Project Prize First Year
3rd year European Project Prizes Third Year
ARM Lego Project Prizes First Year
Accenture Computing Prize Second Year
Agilent Prize for Electrical Systems Third Year
Archibald Denny Prize - Theory of Structures Fourth Year
APV Baker Prize Open (UG)
Amelia Earhart Fellowship Graduates
Arthur Shercliff Travel Scholarship Open Awards
Australia Prize Staff Awards
Belling Engineering Scholarship Scholarships
BP Tripos Prize First Year
BP Scholarship First Year
BP 3rd Year Project Prizes Third Year
Baker Prizes Third Year
Benefactors Prize Fourth Year
Cambridge Bursary Scheme Scholarships
Charles Lamb Prize Fourth Year
Civil Engineers Baker Prize Fourth Year
Civil Engineers Students Papers Competition Open (UG)
Cooling Prize Open (UG)
Churchill Scholarship Graduates
CU/College Scholarships Staff Awards
Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS) Scholarships
DESG Sponsorship Scheme First Year
Electronic Design First Year
Frederic Barnes Waldron Best Student Prize Fourth Year
Gresearch 3rd Year Project Prizes Third Year
Galloway Medal Open (UG)
Geoffrey Hellings Prize for Innovation and Creativity Open (UG)
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Graduates
G-Research PhD Prize Graduates
Happold Trust Sponsorship Third Year
Happold Trust Sponsorship Fourth Year
Head of Department Design Open (UG)
Hudswell Bequest Travelling Fellowship Graduates
Ian Alexander Stuart Memorial Scholarships Scholarships
IEE Jubilee Scholarship Scholarships
IEE Engineering Degree Scholarships for Women Scholarships
IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships Scholarships
Inspire Scholarship Scheme Scholarships
ImechE Undergraduate scholarships Scholarships
IMechE West Cumbria branch -Mech Eng Bursary Scholarships
Island Roads Scholarship Scholarships
ICE Quest First Year
IStructE Branch Prize Third Year
IMechE Project Prize Fourth Year
IMechE Project Certificate Fourth Year
IMechE Best Student Certificate Fourth Year
Institution of Civil Engineers Prize Fourth Year
IEE Undergraduate Scholarships Fourth Year
IED Degree Prize Fourth Year
IAHR Student Paper Competition Fourth Year
ICE Project Prize for Civil Structural and Environmental Engineering Fourth Year
IMechE Best Student Certificate Open (UG)
IEE Grant Open (UG)
IstructE Undergraduate Research Grants Open (UG)
IEE Postgraduate Scholarship Graduates
IEE Management Scholarship Graduates
Industrial Design Studentships Graduates
James Clayton Undergraduate Scholarships Scholarships
Jaguar Land-Rover Prize for Mechanical Engineering Third Year
James Dyson Foundation Undergraduate Bursary Fourth Year
John F. Kennedy Student Paper Competition Graduates
J.R. Beard Travelling Fund Open Awards
James Dyson Award Open Awards
Kenneth Watson Travel Award Open (UG)
Lady Finniston Awards Scholarships
Language Programme for Engineers Second Year
Leica 3rd year Fieldwork Project Prize Third Year
Lucas MET Prize Third Year
Laing O'Rourke Prize for Civil and Structural Engineering Third Year
Lewin's Institution of Nuclear Engineers Prize Fourth Year
Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Memorial Prize Fourth Year
Lindapter Award Open (UG)
Leslie H. Paddle Scholarship Graduates
Leonard Research Grant Graduates
Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Memorial Prize Graduates
Mars Lander Project Prize First Year
Morien Morgan Prize - Aeronautics Fourth Year
Management Studies Prize Fourth Year
Mechanical Power Transmission Final Year Degree Project Prize Fourth Year
Model Analysis Award Fourth Year
Medical Engineering Project Prize Open Awards
National Scholarship Programme Scholarships
New Engineering Graduate Prize Fourth Year
NCE Graduate Award Graduates
NCE Communication Comp Open Awards
Peterhouse Science Essay prize Scholarships
QUEST Undergraduate Scholarship Scholarships
QUEST Eloise Plunkett Award Graduates
QUEST Foreign Language Award Graduates
REACT Foundation Bursary Award Scholarships
RAE Engineering Leadership Second Year
Rex Moir Prize Second Year
Rolls Royce Prize for AeroThermal Engineering Third Year
Roscoe Prize - Soil Mechanics Project Fourth Year
Ricardo Prize - Thermodynamics Fourth Year
Royal Aeronautics Society Prize Fourth Year
RSA Student Design Awards Open (UG)
Robert Graham Prize Open (UG)
Robinson Research Fellowship Graduates
RAE International Travel Grants Open Awards
Siemens Magnet Technology Sponsorship Scheme First Year
Sir William Siemens Medal First Year
Sir William Siemens Medal Third Year
Society of Construction Law Prize Third Year
Sir George Nelson Prize - Applied Mechanics Fourth Year
SET Best Civil Engineering Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Computer Software Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Electrical Engineering Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Electronic Engineering Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Maritime Technology Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Materials Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Mechanical Engineering Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Best Systems Engineering Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
SET Student of the Year Award Fourth Year
Science Writer Awards Open Awards
The BP/IET Faraday Scholarship Scholarships
The BlackBerry® Scholars Program Scholarships
The Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship Scholarships
The R W Barnes Bursary Fund Scholarships
TTP Prize for Integrated Design Project Second Year
Tessella Technologies Prize for Instrumentation and Control Third Year
Tessella Technologies Prize for Information Technology Third Year
The John Winbolt Prize Graduates
The Hamilton Prize Graduates
The Vodafone Scholarships Graduates
The Princess Royal Scholarship Open Awards
The CIWEM Student/Graduate Prize Open Awards
The Technology Partnership Poster Award Open Awards
The Measurement Prize Staff Awards
UKSTT Project prize Fourth Year
Whitworth Scholarship Open (UG)
Whittle Reactionaries Prize Open Awards
Young Business Start Up Awards Open Awards
Zienkiewick Silver Medal Graduates

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