The annual Undergraduate Prize Ceremony was held on Wednesday 7th November, in LR4 at 3.00.

The prizes awarded were:-

1st Year Conceptual Design Project Prizes

Mr H. K. TaylorTrinity CollegeFirst Prize
Mr G.P.F. KingGonville \& Caius CollegeSecond Prize
Mr Y.M. LooSt John's CollegeSecond Prize

1st Year Structural Design Prizes

Mr A. ZymnisTrinity College
Mr S.D. KeighleyTrinity College
Mr A.D. DeeksGonville \& Caius College
Mr A.J. BadderleyGonville \& Caius College
Mr H.H. LamFitzwilliam College
Mr R.N. WatsonFitzwilliam College
Mr R.T. BrownSidney Sussex College
Mr T.S. MelvilleSidney Sussex College
Mr G.T. BallSt John's College
Miss S.Y. LimChrist's College
Mr H.K. TaylorTrinity College
Mr C. YauTrinity College

3rd Year Design Project Prizes

Mr A.N. HarrisSidney Sussex College
Mr A.J. CableEmmanuel College
Mr P.W.T. MashEmmanuel College
Mr J.M. AragonChrist's College
Mr L.C. StockbridgePeterhouse
Mr A.M.J. DickensCorpus Christi College
Mr R.K. FernGirton College
Mr K. LangCorpus Christi College
Mr S.J. LightmanSelwyn College
Miss M.M.K. ChungFitzwilliam College
Miss P.Y.K. LauFitzwilliam College
Mr M.W. LeongQueens' College

1st Year Computing Prizes

Mr T.E BishopPembroke College(Shared)
Mr P.M WongPembroke College(Shared)
Mr E.M. MurfittChurchill College(Shared)
Mr J.W TeddChurchill College(Shared)
Mr R.S. KempleyKing's College(Shared)
Miss W.A. LeongNewnham College(Shared)
Miss K.E. DavidsonGonville \& Caius College(Shared)
Mr F.Y. LaiGonville \& Caius College(Shared)
Mr M.J. ByrneTrinity College(Shared)
Mr J.P. DaviesTrinity College(Shared)

2nd Year Computing Prizes

Mr A.M. BoulartSt Catharine's College
Mr J.I. CameronSelwyn College
Mr D.S. HammondSidney Sussex College
Mr F.C.B. LeeSt John's College
Mr T.S.B. LeongJesus College

2nd Year Integrated Design Project Prizes

Mr A.T. DickisonFitzwilliam College
Mr W.L.J. SimFitzwilliam College
Miss C.F. BirdsallPembroke College
Miss R.M. FlarryPembroke College
Mr T.E.K. PerkinPembroke College
Mr A.M. StonePembroke College
Mr M.J. PatonRobinson College
Mr J.P. CunninghamRobinson College
Mr A.S.M. EdwardsRobinson College
Mr D.E. HallRobinson College
Miss R.A.M. TaylorKing's College
Miss C.C. GrisaffiKing's College
Mr S.M. LairdQueens' College
Mr J.R. AitkenQueens' College
Mr A.M.E.A. DiabQueens' College
Mr D.P.D. HamlynQueens' College
Mr N.M.P. JohnsonQueens' College
Mr P.M. McIlroyQueens' College
Mr S.D. SpreadburyChurchill College
Mr H.J. SohnChurchill College
Mr N. PageChurchill College
Mr B.J. SewellFitzwilliam College
Mr W.J. CunliffeFitzwilliam College

Shell European Language Prizes

Miss M.Y. YeeTrinity College
Miss E.M GauntQueens' College
Mr H.K. TaylorTrinity College
Mr C.R. MaingourdRobinson College(Shared)
Miss L.B. Calvo-RamosChurchill College(Shared)
Mr A.M.E DiabQueens' College
Miss C.A WestallGonville \& Caius College

3rd Year European Project Prizes

Mr C.B. O'SullivanSelwyn College
Miss J.M. Gonzalez-TorresSt John's College
Mr A.J. CableEmmanuel College
Miss A. HamaGonville \& Caius College

3rd Year Field Project Prizes

Mr C.H. LawsonSt John's College

3rd Year Computer-Based Project Prizes

Mr A.J. WildmanFitzwilliam College
Mr D.P. EvesChrist's College
Miss J.P.H. LingNewnham College
Miss P.Y.K. LauFitzwilliam College
Mr W.J.A. CourtenayChurchill College
Mr P. AnandTrinity College
Miss V. GagliardiTrinity Hall
Mr G.C. MartinPembroke College
Mr R.R.O. PuurunenEmmanuel College
Miss X.S. GohChrist's College
Mr H.P. MorganChurchill College
Mr B.R. MartinEmmanuel College

The Worshipful Company of Scientific

Instrument Maker's Scholarship

Mr J.P. TalbotPeterhouse

The IEE Institution Prize

Mr G.S.W. KleinKing's College

1st Year Electronics Design

Mr T.E. BishopPembroke CollegeFirst Prize
Mr E.A.G. CooperDowning CollegeSecond Prize
Mr M.G. HeasleySidney Sussex CollegeSecond Prize
Mr H.K. TaylorTrinity CollegeSecond Prize

The Head of Department's Design Prizes

Mr P.G. HewettQueens' CollegeShared
Mr A.M.C. OdhamsQueens' CollegeShared
Mr D.A. HoweyQueens' CollegeShared
Mr T.E. WattertonChurchill College
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