The annual Undergraduate Prize Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 29th January 2003, in the Board Room at 3.00.

(There is a buffet lunch for Sponsors and all the winners at 1.30pm in the Board Room)
Prizeday Handout

The prizes being awarded are:-

1st Year Conceptual Design Project Prizes

Mr T.E. O'GradyChrist's College
Miss R.C. CatalloDowning College
Mr W.G. GrayChurchill College
Miss H.J. O'MalleyTrinity Hall

1st Year Structural Design Prizes

Mr A. BanerjeeGirton College
Mr S.T. BlackburnGirton College
Miss M.J. HatchmanKing's College
Mr S. TailorKing's College
Mr N.R. BowkerSelwyn College
Miss H.J. O'MalleyTrinity Hall
Mr D.R. WilliamsChurchill College
Mr H.G. Rock-EvansChurchill College
Miss K.H. MorganSidney Sussex College
Mr R.J. HuppertSidney Sussex College
Miss L. CraigieGonville \& Caius College
Miss S. CrehanGonville \& Caius College

3rd Year Design Project Prizes

Mr P.J. AldisGonville \& Caius College
Mr D. RoyJesus College
Mr K.M.B. YeoDowning College
Miss C.A. BrownNewnham College
Mr A.S.M. EdwardsRobinson College
Miss E.C. PerelmanQueens' College
Mr M.C.Y. KomSt John's College
Mr S.J. RutherfordGirton College
Mr A.D. TaylorRobinson College
Mr J.B.A. CrossleyDowning College
Mr A.J. TidballMagdalene College
Miss H.M. LawsonPembroke College

1st Year Computing Prizes

Miss F.S. ParryJesus College(Shared)
Mr A.C. WildJesus College(Shared)
Mr R. ClarkPembroke College(Shared)
Mr A. LambPembroke College(Shared)
Mr T.H.H. StoddertSelwyn College(Shared)
Mr G.A. JamesSelwyn College(Shared)
Miss J.H. FacerTrinity College(Shared)
Mr A.D. MosedaleTrinity College(Shared)
Mr P.J. GalesTrinity College(Shared)
Mr A.S. RakhraRobinson College(Shared)

2nd Year Computing Prizes

Mr J.E. SkerrettQueens' College
Mr K.A. MorganSt Catharine's College
Mr H.K. TaylorTrinity College
Mr T.E. BishopPembroke College
Miss W.A. LeongNewnham College(Shared)
Mr R.S. KempleyKing's College(Shared)

2nd Year Integrated Design Project Prizes

Mr M. HarrisonGirton College
Mr M.C. ChanGirton College
Mr B.L. JonesSidney Sussex College
Mr W.L.M. BennettSidney Sussex College
Mr J.E. SkerrettQueens' College
Mr J.H. EllisFitzwilliam College
Mr C.J. CaulkinGirton College
Mr J.B. ReganEmmanuel College
Mr S.R. LewisSt John's College
Mr G.J. LaneSt John's College
Mr A.N. BuckmasterClare College
Mr E.F. GunnGirton College
Mr J.A. MaTrinity College
Mr S.D. KeighleyTrinity College
Miss K.P. JacksonPembroke College
Mr R.J. HousdenPeterhouse
Mr H.N. LockwoodPembroke College
Mr T.E. GunkelPembroke College
Mr C. CunninghamSelwyn College
Miss J. WangSelwyn College
Mr D.J. SwinburneSelwyn College
Mr N. AnwarSelwyn College
Mr T.S. ButlinQueens' College
Mr P.D. CannerQueens' College
Miss C.H. MitchellEmmanuel College
Mr C.P. GuttridgeEmmanuel College
Mr G.W. WallisSt John's College
Mr Y.M. LooSt John's College
Mr J.N.R. MortonSt John's College
Mr T.E. TincaniSt John's College

Shell European Language Prizes

Mr Y.F.V. TanSidney Sussex College
Mr S.A. AlziatiChurchill College
Mr R.W. ForemanQueens' College
Mr T.M. IankovChurchill College(Shared)
Mr T.E. GunkelPembroke College(Shared)
Mr S.J. KerrRobinson College
Mr A.E.J. KauSt Edmund's College
Miss M.Y. YeeTrinity College
Miss M.H.M. TanGonville \& Caius College

3rd Year European Project Prizes

Mr A.M. BoulartSt Catharine's College
Mr J. PetersChrist's College
Miss A.G. YetginerNewnham College

3rd Year Field Project Prizes

Mr T.C.W. YoungEmmanuel College

The Worshipful Company of Scientific

Instrument Maker's Scholarship

Mr W.A. TakeChurchill College

The IMechE Project Prize

Mr A.M.J. DickensCorpus Christi College

The IMechE Best Student Certificate

Mr A.M.J. DickensCorpus Christi College

The IStructE Branch Prize

Mr A.J. TidballMagdalene College

1st Year Electronics Design Prize

Mr R.W. ForemanQueens' College

3rd Year Computer-Based Project Prizes

Mr T.B. DenleyChrist's College
Mr S.M. LairdQueens' College
Mr A.J. TidballMagdalene College
Mr K.J. WongChrist's College
Mr B.J.P. MeyerQueens' College
Mr J. PetersChrist's College
Mr D.H. SternPeterhouse
Mr A.J. LamponClare College
Mr S. KaragiorgisTrinity College
Miss S.L.A. AwSt Catharine's College
Mr D.R. DeboysChurchill College
Mr M.G. CoatsEmmanuel College

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