The annual Undergraduate Prize Ceremony, for the academic year 2009-2010, will be held on Wednesday 2nd February 2011, in the Board Room at 2.30pm.

(There is a buffet lunch for Sponsors and all the winners at 1.30pm in Board Room)

Draft Prizeday Handout

The prizes being awarded are:-

SSJC Best Lecturer Awards

1st Year Best Lecturer Award

Dr H.E.M. Hunt

2nd Year Best Lecturer Award

Dr K.A. Seffen

3rd Year Best Lecturer Award

Dr J. Maciejowski

4th Year Best Lecturer Award

Dr J. Jarrett

BP Prizes

BP 1st Year Prizes

Mr R. ChenSt Catharine's College
Miss P.S.T. KwokMurray Edwards College
Mr A.P. DeshmukhGonville \& Caius College
Mr R. HughesEmmanuel College

ARM Prizes

ARM Lego Project Prizes

Mr T. MilburnChurchill College
Mr B. HuChurchill College
Mr K. KomorowskiChurchill College
Miss A. HobbsJesus College
Mr A.J. WalkerJesus College
Mr T.B.G. HillmanJesus College
Mr A.S.L. ChaiPembroke College
Mr A. WatsonPembroke College
Miss A.A.F. BushPembroke College
Mr T. TapnerPembroke College
Mr A. JacksonPembroke College
Mr S.Q.D. SimPembroke College
Mr G. AyrisEmmanuel College
Mr L.A. RedfernEmmanuel College
Mr A. HoltEmmanuel College

Institute for Manufacturing Prizes

Company Representative: Dr Tim Minshall

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 160

`IfM Engineer in Society' essay Prizes

Mr M. RobertsChrist's College
Miss J.Y.T. ShekRobinson College
Mr E. BellamyTrinity College
Miss J.S. EngstromNewnham College

Costain Design prizes

Company Representative Jane Arden

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 250

1st Year Conceptual Design Project Prizes

Mr A. GreigSelwyn CollegeFirst Prize
Mr R.G. StephensKing's CollegeSecond Prize
Mr C.E. AshbyHomerton CollegeSecond Prize

Mott MacDonald Prizes

Company Representative

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 1000

1st Year Structural Design Prizes

Mr J.F.R. Goodwill Magdalene College
Mr A.A. Islam Magdalene College
Mr A. Karmazyn St John's College
Mr F.Y. Zhou St John's College
Mr L.A. Scott Pembroke College
Miss S.V. Stott Pembroke College
Mr M Fallows Pembroke College
Mr M.P.R Robinson .Pembroke College
Mr T.H. Hellier Girton College
Mr B.S. MillerGirton College

Astrium prizes

Company Representative Mr TBD

Value of Sponsorship :

1st Year Rover Project Prizes

Mr A.M.P. TombsQueens' CollegeFirst Prize
Mr H.J. KingJesus CollegeSecond Prize
Mr A. ChirouSt Edmund's CollegeSecond Prize
Mr Y.S. JayasingheTrinity CollegeSecond Prize

Accenture Prizes

Company Representative Mr Stephen Girdler

Value of Sponsorship :

1st Year Computing Prizes

Mr H.J. KingJesus College(Shared)
Mr C.I. PavlouJesus College(Shared)
Mr A.M.P. TombsQueens' College(Shared)
Mr G. IllingworthQueens' College(Shared)
Mr J.H. GillFitzwilliam College(Shared)
Mr M.D. AllanFitzwilliam College(Shared)

The Technology Partnership Prizes

Company Representative Mr Richard Sims

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds900

2nd Year Integrated Design Project Prizes

Mr S. HarwoodChurchill College
Mr D. HillChurchill College
Mr I. McDonnellGirton College
Miss A. CouriFitzwilliam College
Mr B. PhelpsSidney Sussex College
Mr H.M.L. FletcherMagdalene College
Mr A. NewboldDowning College
Mr R.D. KamdarEmmanuel College
Mr J.W. BristowEmmanuel College
Miss W. DingHomerton College
Miss C. EfstathiadiPeterhouse
Miss H.E. BrawnJesus College
Mr H.G. RobinsonSelwyn College
Miss J.L. HawkinPembroke College
Mr A.M. BellPembroke College
Miss J.L. HineNewnham College
Mr O.C. LambertRobinson College
Mr C.W. SturrockQueens' College

Shell Prizes

Company Representative: Mrs Beth Jenkins

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 1500

Part 1 Language Prizes

Mr B.R. Sin Kwok WongPeterhouse
Miss M. KurimbokusHomerton College
Mr F. RonaySt John's College
Miss C.K. SeahJesus College
Mr P. VassilouFitzwilliam College
Mr S. DaliaClare College
Mr D.Y.K. ChanMagdalene College
Miss R. HawtonGonville \& Caius College
Miss M. CanellasHomerton College
Mr P. TalianosRobinson College
Miss Q. ZhangLucy Cavendish College
Mr A. KarmazynSt John's College
Miss C. UnderdownClare College
Miss P. KhetarpalSt John's College
Miss A. CollinsTrinity Hall

3rd Year European Project Prizes

Mr E.S. OhJesus College

Gloucester Research Prizes

Company representative: Mr William Mulholland

Value of Sponsorship :\pounds 1100

3rd Year Computer-Based Project Prizes

Mr E.R. PanJesus College
Mr O.A. HofstedePeterhouse
Mr D. DowekKing's College
Mr Q. ZhangPembroke College
Mr P.K.A. WollnerTrinity Hall
Mr G.W. JonesSidney Sussex College
Mr G.F.M. GrauPeterhouse
Mr B.A. LindleySt Catharine's College
Mr J.T. TaylorTrinity College
Mr S.T.G. MaguireEmmanuel College
Mr J.W.P. EvansDowning College

BP Prizes

Company Representative: Dr Andy Leonard

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 1100

3rd Year Design Project Prizes

J.V. TaylorKing's College
M.J. VroobelGirton College
R. NelsonSt Catharine's College
Miss A.F. DrabbleGonville \& Caius College
W.A. DownesKing's College
A.J. McDougallMagdalene College
E. FanisFitzwilliam College
Q. ZhangPembroke College
D. WoodfieldSidney Sussex College
O. GazeleyFitzwilliam College
K.A. FianderMurray Edwards College

Agilent Technologies Prizes

Company representative: Mr Simon Wordingham

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 150

3rd Year Prize for Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Mr Z.Q. SohChrist's College

Tessella Technologies Prizes

Company representative: Dr Werner Schulz

Value of Sponsorship : \pounds 300

3rd Year Prizes for Electrical and Information Engineering.

Mr S.T.G. MaguireEmmanuel College
Mr E.S. OhJesus College

Jaguar Land Rover Ltd Prize

3rd Year Prize for Mechanical Engineering

Mr B.A. LindleySt Catharine's College

Laing O'Rourke Prize

3rd Year Prize for Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mr C.P.T. MatthewsJesus College

Rolls-Royce Prize

3rd Year Prize for Aeronautical and Thermodynamic Engineering

Mr S. EasthamSelwyn College