Recent Developments

New Nuclear Modules

The neutron distribution in an ADSRFor many years 3rd and 4th year Engineering students have been able to take a module in Nuclear Power Engineering, which provides a basic introduction to nuclear power station design and operation. Now, thanks to the success of the Department's new MPhil in Nuclear Energy, 4th year students are able to study up to three more modules that complement and supplement this introduction:

Student-led Projects & Industry Partnership

SPIP forum attendeesInvolvement in an independent project is a rewarding way for students to make friends, learn about teamwork and experience a practical perspective on technology. A number of student societies focussed on such projects flourish at Cambridge. To further support these societies the Department of Engineering has created an umbrella organisation: the Student-led Projects & Industry Partnership (SPIP).

SPIP makes it easy for industry to learn about the projects and build links with the students involved. Industrial sponsors pay an annual subscription and are invited to regular forums. At each forum the student groups present the latest progress on their projects. The subscription money is allocated to the projects based on these presentations and used to enhance specific facilities that the projects require in the Department.

Undergraduate Research Buddy Scheme

Undergraduates in their second and third year can now get a taste of what it is like to do academic research by becoming a Research Buddy for one of the Department's research students. Participation only entails a time commitment of a few hours but can provide a valuable insight into the world of research.

This adds to the wealth of opportunities for Cambridge students to engage with engineering industry and research:

  • Before you arrive in Cambridge, many Colleges will be pleased if you decide to take a gap year and gain some work experience with an engineering company.
  • All students have to undertake at least one vacation placement in order to satisfy the industrial experience requirements of the course. We have a dedicated placements office that will give you all the support you need to find a wide variety of engineering jobs. Many students choose to work for a different employer each summer, helping them make a well-informed choice when it comes to picking the right job after graduation.
  • Every summer, the Department runs an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). This involves 10 week paid placements working in departmental research groups, and gives students the chance to get heavily involved in the cutting edge of engineering research.
  • In the final year of the undergraduate Engineering course all students have to undertake an individual project. Many of the projects on offer involve links with industrial partners. Other projects are associated with UROP jobs the summer before and can lead on to research opportunities after graduation.