Fourth Year Engineering

Petroleum Engineering Field TripStrong specialisation is possible in the fourth year, when you study eight modules from a choice of nearly 100. You must do a minimum number of modules (typically four) from the list associated with your chosen Engineering Area. The range of modules available is similar to that in year three (though topics are, of course, studied at a more advanced level), but also includes:

As engineering is a constantly evolving subject, the modules offered may vary from year to year, changing even during the course of your degree, to keep abreast of recent advances in different disciplines.

A major project, which you choose from an extensive list or propose yourself, runs throughout the final year and can be expected to occupy about half your time. This may involve some "blue-skies" research or have direct industrial application; both types of project can, and often do, involve collaboration with industry and can lead to vacation work or offers of full-time employment.

Example Projects