Other Fourth Year Modules

Management & Manufacturing Modules

Number and title of module
4E3   Information systems
4E4   Management of technology
4E5   International business economics
4E6   Accounting and finance
4E11   Strategic management
4E12   Project management

Modules Imported From Other Cambridge Courses

Number and title of module
4I1   Strategic valuation
4I5   Nuclear materials
4I7   Electricity and environment
4I8   Medical physics
4I9   Low power embedded systems programming
4I10   Nuclear reactor engineering
4I11   Advanced fission and fusion systems

Multidisciplinary Modules

Number and title of module
4M1   French
4M2   German
4M3   Spanish
4M4   Japanese
4M6   Materials and processes for microsystems (MEMS)
4M9   Surveying field course
4M12   Partial differential equations and variational methods
4M14   Sustainable development
4M15   Sustainable energy
4M16   Nuclear power engineering
4M17   Practical optimization
4M18   Present and future energy systems
4M19   Advanced building physics

Engineering Research Modules

Number and title of module
5R18   Environmental fluid mechanics