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Cambridge EcoHouse Initiative

The Cambridge EcoHouse Initiative student society designs sustainable solutions to urban problems, helping to improve the lives of communities in the Latin American developing world. Cambridge University students work alongside the EcoHouse registered charity, University academics and TECHO (one of Latin America's largest NGOs) as a network of passionate individuals who want to see a shift in urban poverty.

The society has 7 teams: Transitional Housing; Permanent Housing; Manufacturing Systems; Information Systems; Sustainability; Communications; Training. Students need no previous experience or expertise to join a team.

Design work begins in Cambridge, often done in collaboration with academics, industrial partners and alumni. In Lent Term the designed prototypes are built. Selected students go out to South America (currently Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Quito, Ecuador) to conduct field research, build further prototypes and get feedback from local engineers, architects and end users. This feedback is then used to further improve the designs back in Cambridge.

For more information, please visit the EcoHouse Initiative website or like the Cambridge EcoHouse Initiative Facebook page.

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