Useful Information - Extra-curricular Engineering

Engineering Outreach

The Outreach programme at the Department aims to introduce school children to the fun and excitement of engineering within a university research environment. Teams of student volunteers are given the chance to make engineering more accessible through activities such as public lectures, workshops and summer schools. In 2013, nearly 4300 young people and parents participated in one of our Outreach events.

Typically, volunteers help small groups of young people in a 'design, build and test' activity. In 2013, nearly 100 undergraduates registered to become Outreach volunteers. Students get involved:

  • to share their enthusiasm for engineering and science
  • to act as a role model for the next generation of engineers and scientists
  • to help to dispel the popular image of scientists and engineers
  • to give something back to the local community
  • and because participation is rewarding, worthwhile and fun!

All outreach volunteers become Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Ambassadors. This is part of a national programme to enhance young people's scientific and technical capabilities and raise awareness of the importance of these skills to society. Participation in this programme counts towards the Engineering Institutions' Continuing Professional Development schemes.

Further details of the Outreach programme and a current calendar of events can be found on our Outreach website.

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