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Bill Dawes
Professor of Aeronautical Engineering

Bill DawesProfessor Dawes works in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with a special emphasis on application to aero-engines. He teaches the following courses:

  • 3rd year Fluid Mechanics
  • 3rd year CFD
  • 4th year Aerodynamics

It is a remarkable fact that turbomachines anywhere in the world are likely to have been designed using software developed in Cambridge by Professor Bill Dawes: the 'Dawes Code' is now an industry standard. Professor Dawes started using CFD techniques to model fluid flows for aerospace applications back in 1976, shortly after the first calculations in this field were made possible by the development of computing power.

"Using the technique of Computational Fluid Dynamics, our understanding of aerospace systems and situations is improved and with improved physical understanding comes improved design. The only limit with these techniques is your imagination."

"An exciting trend now is to apply our models, developed using the rigorous and demanding approach required by the aerospace industry, to other areas." With this in mind, his team of academics at Cambridge is now applying CFD to diverse problems ranging from fires and explosions on oil rigs to particulate damage in lungs.

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