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Gehan Amaratunga
Professor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Gehan AmaratungaProfessor Gehan Amaratunga heads the Electronics, Power and Energy Conversion research group. He teaches:

  • Solar Electronic Power (4th year)
  • Electrical Power Systems (3rd year)
  • And has taught a variety of other courses in Electronic and Electrical Engineering

His research includes work on energy-saving electronic devices, circuits and systems:

"There is a huge requirement nowadays for using energy more efficiently and intelligently, particularly around the home in domestic consumer applications. Most consumer products involving electronics such as washing machines, home computers or televisions can be made much more efficient," explains Professor Gehan Amaratunga. "Using energy as efficiently as possible in electronic products such as 3rd generation (3G) mobile communication devices is also a very major concern. We have invented several new methods for gaining significant performance advantages from the silicon chips used for power management and radio frequency generation. This will enable us to reduce the energy consumption of electrical appliances in a cost-effective manner, simply by making them draw power optimally at all times. These systems are called 'power integrated circuits'."

"We decided to set up a company to bring this product to the market place as we are keen, as engineers, to see this idea properly made use of. We aim to get this environmentally important invention into as many homes as possible through licensing agreements with major manufacturers."

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