Graduate Profiles

Andy Lamb
RedR - Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief

Andy LambI went to state school and then got a bursary to go to a private sixth form college which meant that I could take Electronics at AS Level. After taking my A Levels I spent a year in industry working for an electronics company designing tools for microprocessor cores. It was good to get some engineering experience under my belt. During my year in industry I did an evening class in Further Maths at AS Level and was very glad to have this qualification when I started at the Department, it also helped to keep Maths fresh during that year. I applied to Cambridge once I got my A Level results.

The interviews at Cambridge were a challenge but I did not find them as terrifying as I had heard they could be!

In my second year I got involved with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) as a fundraiser and in my third year I was the EWB Chief Executive. During my fourth year I did a robotic unicycle project that was a real contrast to the EWB work. After graduating last year I started work for RedR (Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief) as a fundraiser and I hope to carry out overseas missions for them. There is a minimum amount of experience required that I have achieved by doing my degree here and through my involvement with EWB. I am an electronic and information engineer but the course here gave me the opportunity to do sustainable development and water engineering modules. In your third and fourth years when you have specialised you can still add a wide range of modules and, for me, this meant that both my passions (electronic information engineering and sustainable engineering for international relief) could be satisfied. Now I have graduated I am able to find ways to bring these both together.

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