Graduate Profiles

Peter Stidwill
Assistant Producer for the BBC Learning and Interactive division

Peter StidwillI have always enjoyed making things and finding out how things worked. When I was studying for my A Levels I really wasn’t sure what degree I would like to pursue so I had an interview with the careers office and engineering was a suggested career path. I was very sceptical, so I read more about the subject and realised that engineering encompasses far more than I initially realised. For me the fact that engineering connects technology and people was the biggest appeal.

I was very nervous about applying to Cambridge, not quite believing I would get in. My comprehensive school suggested that I attend the Department Open Day which was excellent. Any fears I had were totally dispelled and I met so many helpful, approachable students and lecturers I decided to apply.

The Engineering course at Cambridge suited me very well. The broad overview that the first two years gives is great, as I wasn't quite sure what I would specialise in; it ensured I was well equipped to make that decision. It was also good to see how the modules overlap with one another.

I chose the Electrical and Information Sciences option for my third and fourth year. In the third year I did a module on 'Work, Technology and the Environment' which gave me a really clear idea of how engineers can have an effect on the world. Many of the assignments up until this point had been computational so this essay assignment was a real turning point for me.

I am now an assistant producer at BBC Learning and Interactive and I got the job through my fourth year project. The project was a new website for primary schools. I was working on the technical architecture. It was very satisfying working with technology to create an engineering and science interactive educational website for children. After I finished my degree, funding was found to finish the website and, by luck, during this time a BBC researcher visited the website and asked me to do 10 days consultancy for them. I visited the BBC, met the team I had been working for and when a job came up in that department I applied and got it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cambridge in every respect. Your College provides a close-knit community both socially and for sporting activities. The wider university is there when you want more than that. Engineering was definitely the right choice for me and the management options were invaluable to develop my business skills.

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