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Sheenaanne Law
Interviewed in her first year

Sheenaanne LawI went to a girls' comprehensive school in Liverpool which had a mixed sixth form. Only two of us chose to study the Maths, Physics and Chemistry combination at A Level - most of the other girls opted for Biology rather than Physics. I decided to study Engineering as a result of a visit to Liverpool University's Open Day. I was very attracted to the idea that engineers can change people's lives and help to create a better future for society. It is not all about mending cars and getting greasy.

I applied to Cambridge following a talk given at our school by a former pupil who had come here. She talked about what an attractive city it is, and how the stereotypical images we all believe of Cambridge are untrue. She was quite right in both of those things.

I came to Cambridge straight from school: I would have liked to take a gap year, but did not get organised in time, so I spent the vacation before starting helping in my parent's shop to earn some money to help me through. I did not take Further Maths at A Level (it was not offered at my school) so I have a lot to catch up on and I have found the course very intense in terms of the workload, so far. However, the people are all very friendly, and I enjoy being part of a small college near the city centre which means I can walk everywhere. We have supervisions in groups of two, which makes it easier to sort out problems. I don't feel at all in the minority studying Engineering, even though I came from a predominantly female school, as around a quarter of the undergraduates are girls.

I play women's football and rugby for my college team, and have just taken up rowing - that has to be part of the Cambridge experience for me. We are already starting to make arrangements for our industrial experience, which is part of the course, and I am hoping to get a placement at a local company as I just don't want to leave.

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