Student Profiles

Yuvna Hemoo
Interviewed in her first year

I am an overseas student. I come from a very sunny island called Mauritius. I attended a girls' only school and did Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A Level and French at AS Level. I did not have the opportunity of doing Further Maths because it simply was not available in my home country.

I first decided I wanted to be an engineer when I saw a documentary on TV about nanotechnology. I was completely fascinated about the use of nano-structures to enhance the quality of everyday human life. This is such a noble cause that I decided this is the job I want to do, improving the quality of life for everyone!

Everyone in my family and at my school chose to go to university. I applied to six different universities in the UK, all for Engineering courses. I tried my luck at Cambridge, because the Engineering course is broad for the first two years, and then we get to decide in which field we wish to specialise. This suits my needs very well since I still don't know what I want to do exactly. Unfortunately I don't have any industrial experience. But this situation will soon be rectified, I'm already starting to send out my applications to several companies, and I'll probably work in the next summer holidays.

I love Cambridge. I particularly appreciate all the green spaces which make me feel closer to nature. I don't do any sports mainly because I'm lazy, but when I have the time, I go running, and the city is absolutely perfect for that in the early evenings. I also love cooking. I experiment a lot with new dishes every weekend, and I'm mostly enjoying myself being away from home for the first time!

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