Inclusive Design increases the competitiveness of industry and helps a significant proportion of the UK population live independently through the provision of everyday products and services designed to be inclusive from the outset.

With a fast increasing ageing population and 10 million disabled people in the UK, accessibility is becoming a crucial factor in the commercial success of any product or service. Every one of us will experience some impairment during the course of our lives and the over 50s in the UK currently have an annual spending power of £250Bni: The disabled community £50Bnii.

This is a DTI sponsored project to raise awareness of the commercial imperative of Inclusive Design. Targeting senior management, the project aims to establish the commercial case and develop the skills for Inclusive Design within the UK.

The aim of this project is to encourage leading corporations within the UK to become models of Inclusive Design that others will aim to emulate. This is being done through:

  • A survey to assess current attitudes towards Inclusive Design in the UK;
  • High impact workshops to raise awareness of the benefits of Inclusive Design;
  • Publishing on-line business cases and selected case studies for Inclusive Design.

The team comprises organisations that represent world leading expertise in the area of inclusive design and disability including: Scope, RNIB, Ricability, UKiiD, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, Scientific Generics.

If you would be willing to assist us, please fill in the questionnaire. For further details, please contact Kay Sinclair ( Thank you!

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  • iiDisability Rights Commission , 2004