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Last updated: 26 July 2019

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Undergraduate Engineering Computer Accounts - 2019 Year End Notice

22nd May 2019

The first section of this notice relates to students graduating this year, and the final section to those who are continuing.

Undergraduate students finishing their course

The Engineering Department accounts of:

are scheduled to be closed on Monday 22 July 2018. The accounts of MET2 students are due for closure Monday 19 August 2018. It would be helpful if those Part IIA and MET1 students who do not intend returning in October would inform user-admin as soon as possible.

If a departing student wishes to pass online material to others, or a staff member wishes to obtain project material from a student, arrangements should be made to do this before the account is closed. If assistance is needed and the material is on the main departmental teaching system please contact the IT helpdesk, either in person or via email to helpdesk . For assistance transferring material on a divisional research system please contact the appropriate divisional IT staff.

Any undergraduate coming to the end of their course but who expects to stay on in the department in any capacity beyond the dates above should contact user-admin as soon as possible, preferably before the end of term, providing the following information:

Note that this needs to be done in addition to any correspondence with the University Information Services or with student or staff offices in the department. In some cases we may require additional paperwork or confirmation from appropriate administrative offices.

Accounts will be converted to reflect the new role during the summer vacation, and those returning will need to re-register for their new role when they return.

Continuing undergraduates

Other undergraduate accounts will be left open over the summer, but any account which appears to be being misused may be disabled without warning. The department may send important emails about course arrangements at the start of next academic year, so students are advised to ensure their university mailbox does not fill up.

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