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Computer System News - article 520

Last updated: 14 October 2010

Warning on hoax emails

12th October 2010

Please beware of "phishing" scam emails, which are particularly common at this time of year as they try to catch out new users.

These messages often pretend to be a security update or webmail verification, or even a quota warning. They ask you to reply with your username and password or to enter them on a webpage. The scammers want your details in order to use your account to send junk mail.

No-one in the university will ever ask you for your password by email, and in almost all circumstances you should not reveal your password even in person.

If you do receive such an email the best thing to do is simply delete it.

If you are ever unsure whether a message is genuine or not then please forward it to postmaster-query and we will be happy investigate for you.

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