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Lecture Theatre and Meeting Room Booking System


This system provides an on-line mechanism for requesting Lecture Theatre and Meeting Room bookings in the Department of Engineering at the main Trumpington Street site and at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) on the West Cambridge site.

Organising an event

If you are organising an event or a conference, you may find it useful to consult this best practice checklist for diversity and inclusion.

Booking a venue

The Department has carefully reviewed the ways in which buildings are normally occupied and put specific measures in place to ensure the safety of all individuals, in accordance with the relevant up to date guidance.

While the lockdown has been relaxed, the Department is not open as normal. This means that all bookings for the remainder of 2020 will be provisional, as it is possible that there will be limits on gatherings and face-to-face meetings or they will not be allowed.

We advise that you should avoid face-to-face meetings as far as possible. If a meeting is required, please make sure that you follow the safe working measures posted on the door to each meeting room. Current social distancing restrictions mean that the capacity of our meeting rooms has been adjusted as follows:

Room number Room name Revised capacity
Lecture Rooms LT0, LT1, LT2, LR3, 3A & 3B, LR4, LR5, LT6, LR10, 11 & 12 Please contact the Department
Baker Building
BN2-05 Oatley 1 10
BN2-07 Oatley 2 6
BE2-23 Board Room 10
BE4-38 CBL 16 (Seminar)
10 (Meeting)
BE5-05 MIL 6
Inglis Building
ISG-14 Hopkinson West 6
ISG-85 Inglis North 5
IN2-09 Sir Arthur Marshall 6
IS2-03 EDC Loft 4
James Dyson Building
JDG-03 Seminar 20 (Seminar)
14 (Meeting)
JDG-19 Teaching 12 (Seminar)
8 (Meeting)
JDG-14 Ground floor 4
JDO-01 Office floor 4
JD1-18 First floor 4
JD2-18 Second floor 4
JD3-18 Third floor 4

If you have any questions regarding the closure, please contact

Bookings are requested by clicking on a time slot in the booking sheets referenced below and filling in the requested information on the screen thus presented. This will result in an email being sent to the person requesting the booking and to the administrator for the room being booked. The administrator will either confirm the booking or delete it if it is not appropriate for the room being requested or there is some other problem which means that it cannot be accepted. In both cases, the system will generate a further automatic email to the person requesting the booking.

Below are links to the booking sheets for the available areas:

Main Site
Lecture Theatres Day View Week View Month View
Baker Building Meeting Rooms Day View Week View Month View
Inglis Building Meeting Rooms Day View Week View Month View
JDB Teaching, Seminar and Meeting Rooms Day View Week View Month View
West Site
IfM Lecture Theatre and Meeting Rooms Day View Week View Month View

Tips for navigating the booking sheets:

  • At the bottom of each booking sheet there are links to weekly and monthly views (one room at a time) as alternatives to the default daily view of all the rooms in the area.
  • The title bar on every page contains a link back to this page, the "Booking System Index" link.
  • More detailed help is available via the title bar "Help" link.

Additional non-area-specific guidance on use of the booking system is available under help. The help page also contains some information about the MRBS software which we are using for the booking system.

Considerations and notes

  • Anyone in the University with a Raven account can request a Lecture Room or IfM booking but only members of the Department can book Main Site Meeting Rooms.
  • There are charges to cover costs for bookings not relating to University business.
  • We cannot take Lecture Theatre bookings more than a Term in advance (i.e. this Term and next Term only) as our timetabled teaching requirements are not finalised any sooner.
  • Not all Meeting Rooms have disabled access and there are varying facilities available in different rooms; please see venues and facilities for details. (Raven login required)
  • Main Site Meeting Rooms are split into two areas: those in the Baker Building and those in the Inglis Building.
  • A booking is not valid until it has been confirmed, bookings listed as unconfirmed are only provisional.