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Supervisions and the use of rooms in the Department

Areas available for use for supervisions

It is no longer normally possible to book meeting rooms on the Trumpington Street site for supervisions before 5.00pm. Meeting room space is in very short supply, and there are other options available for supervisions, including various open-access spaces which cannot be booked, but which are regularly used for supervisions when not required for large taught laboratory sessions.

LR3A is designated as a "free-for-all" supervision area when it is not used for class teaching.

Other spaces include:

  • JDB open area
  • DPO
  • Structures Mezzanine
  • South Wing Mechanics Lab

Some other labs which are locked after about 5.30pm, such as the EIETL and the Structures Teaching Lab, may also be used during the day. Finally, some staff may be willing to allow certain named supervisors to use their rooms for supervisions from time to time. This is encouraged.

Other supervision areas

The Teaching Office is currently identifying further areas which can be used for supervisions. Please do pass on any suggestions to: .

Agreed policies for Trumpington Street

  1. Lecture rooms may not be booked for supervisions, but supervisors are welcome to use empty lecture rooms for this purpose. LR3A is specifically designated as available for supervisions when not used for timetabled classes. Supervisors should be prepared to share lecture rooms with other supervision groups.
  2. Meeting rooms may not normally be booked for supervisions, but supervisors may, at the discretion of the room manager, use empty meeting rooms for this purpose.
  3. Some of the teaching labs are very suitable for supervisions, and supervisors should consider using them outside timetabled lab hours.
  4. Divisions should be encouraged to identify and make available other areas which could be used for supervisions.
  5. Supervisors who need to find a room for supervisions are encouraged to use College facilities. Directors of Studies (especially for Part I supervisions) or even the students themselves may be able to help with booking rooms.