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South Wing Computer Room SRF

South Wing Computer Room SRF

The South Wing Computer Room (SWCR) was set up in 2010 as a small research facility (SRF) to provide managed accommodation for rack mounted equipment for research groups. It is overseen by a Management Committee, which derives its authority from the Information Technology Strategy Committee (ITSC), and has representation from IT services, finance and significant user groups of the SWCR. The committee meets at least once a Term.

SWCR SRF Committee membership

Gábor Csányi (Chair)Division C
Stephen MounseyCore IT Services Manager
Paul WhitehouseNetwork and Telecoms Manager
Debbie ManFinance Manager
Stewart CantDivision A
Phil WoodlandDivision F

The secretary to the committee is Barbara Paschalis, the IT Services Divisional administrator (

Charging Structure August 2013 - July 2014

All users are charged for keeping computer equipment in the SWCR according to the following schedule. The new charging scheme is in effect from 1 August 2013, with a grace period for those who do not wish to retain their equipment in the SWCR, until 31 Dec 2013.

  • Basic users - Serviced Rack Space £125 / month / half-rack (equivalent to £250/month/rack, and £3000/year/rack). This charge includes all operational, maintenance and recurrent costs, including payment of the Carbon Reduction Levy (estimated at £15/month/rack).

User 1/2 x rack, monthly 1 x rack, monthly 1 x rack, annually
Basic user - Standard Space charge £125 £250 £3000

  • Server Rental Is a facility where large users can rent computer time. Large users are free to enter into long term agreements with the SWCR management committee under which equipment itself is paid for by the SWCR and rented by the user at an appropriately higher rate.

  • Small Users - 2U or less One rack is reserved for Small Users, defined as 2U or less, which can be kept in the SWCR free of charge, with a time limit of one year which will be reviewed.

Terms and conditions

  • All equipment kept in the SWCR must have a valid maintenance contract, a copy of which is to be deposited with the management committee.
  • The SWCR will not in the future be liable for equipment failures caused by inherent characteristics of the environmental control system.
  • Users of equipment without a mainteance contract must sign a waiver agreement if they which to continue using the facility.


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