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Epson Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering 2006 entries

Mirco Cantoro: Dreamtronics
Mirco Cantoro: Dreamtronics

Mirco Cantoro

The image shows an artistic rendering of a secondary-electron image of a carbon nanotube-based array of field effect transistors, fabricated by multiple steps of electron-beam lithography. The thin carbon nanotube strip located in the middle of the device is contacted by multiple metal finger pairs, running back to larger bond pads. The novelty of this research is that the carbon nanotubes have been grown at temperatures significantly lower than in previously reported works, enabling full compatibility with current integrated circuit fabrication techniques. The imaginary cyberspace background in which the circuit is floating, and is ready to interact with by docking in one of its stacks, suggests: maybe next-generation electronics is not so distant a concept as we imagine?
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