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Alumni Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering

Chas Pope: 'Craning my neck'
Chas Pope: 'Craning my neck'

Chas Pope
'Craning my neck'

Looking straight up at one of the cranes used to construct the roof of Beijing’s Olympic Stadium. This crane is one of the largest in China, and can lift around 700 tonnes, roughly equivalent to four Boeing 747 airliners.

Graduated: 1998.
Biog: Since graduating from Cambridge University nine years ago. I have been working as a structural engineer with Arup. I have concentrated on multidisciplinary building engineering design, spending five years in London before moving to the Beijing office in 2003. My work in China has concentrated on projects related to the 2008 Olympic Games, in particular the design of the gravity-defying CCTV Headquarters Building which is now taking shape in the city. I am currently working on other projects in Beijing and the East Asia region.
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