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Alumni Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering 2008

Edith Lagendijk: 'Rocks, Rigs and Roughnecks'
Edith Lagendijk: 'Rocks, Rigs and Roughnecks'

Edith Lagendijk
'Rocks, Rigs and Roughnecks'

View of the derrick from the dog-house. All machinery in the derrick is remotely controlled by the driller in his little shack (dog-house) on the drill floor. A massive pulley system (top drive) is used to connect the drillpipe to drill a hole to explore for and produce oil and gas. On this rig we were drilling a 4 kilometre long production well for an oil development off the North-west coast of Australia.

Graduated: 1994, Churchill
Biog: "As a reservoir engineer I have worked in the oil and gas industry all over the globe and, after 14 years, I am still fascinated by the industry; its grandeur, its multi-culural people and its ever-developing technology."
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