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Alumni Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering 2008

Rainer Spiegel: 'Grandfey-Viaduct'
Rainer Spiegel: 'Grandfey-Viaduct'

Rainer Spiegel

This photo is taken inside the Grandfey-Viaduct, which is one of the largest railway bridges in Switzerland and lies on the railway line between Berne and Fribourg, where I used to live for a while before coming to Cambridge. It crosses the valley of the river Saane and was steel-constructed between 1858 and 1862. Concrete was added to the steel construction between 1925 and 1927, because trains had become faster and heavier. Interestingly, there are letters in the concrete on the left hand side. The graffity spans the letters NUS, which is the French word for Naked (perhaps an association of its naked-concrete-look). Another interesting aspect about this viaduct is that on the western side of the bridge, people speak French. On the eastern side of the Bridge, people speak German.

Graduation: 2003

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