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Alumni Photography Competition at the Department of Engineering 2008

Lisa Norcross: 'Rig and flare'
Lisa Norcross: 'Rig and flare'

Lisa Norcross
'Rig and flare'

This photo was taken on the top level of an oil platform in the North Sea on a very rare sunny day. The focal point is the flare and you can see the rig used for drilling/wellwork and scaffolding in the foreground.

Graduation: Lisa matriculated in 1991 and left in 1993, she finished my degree in London (UCL).
Biog: Since graduation, I worked for Ford Motor Company as an engineer, then took a postgraduate course at Cranfield - a Fellowship in Manufacturing Management. From there I joined McKinsey and Company, a management consultancy, as a specialist consultant in manufacturing, I am now an Associate Principal there. I moved to the US from London in early 2007 to set up a program to develop junior consultants into manufacturing specialists.

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