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Martinez, V and Neely, A and Velu, C and Leinster-Evans, S and Bisessar, D (2017) Exploring the journey to services. International Journal of Production Economics, 192. pp. 66-80. ISSN 0925-5273

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Velu, C and Stiles, P (2013) Managing decision-making and cannibalization for parallel business models. Long Range Planning, 46. pp. 443-458. ISSN 0024-6301

Velu, CK (2012) Entrepreneurship and innovation in financial institutions. Quantitative Finance, 12. pp. 831-837.

Velu, CK and Iyer, S and Chakravarty, T (2012) Divine innovation: religion and service provision by religious organizations in India. Cambridge Service Alliance Working Papers.

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Velu, CK and Iyer, S and Gair, JR (2010) A reason for unreason: returns-based beliefs in game theory. Cambridge Working Papers in Economics.

Milward, S and Velu, C (2010) Market channels and business models for rural areas: based on an analysis of Cosmos Ignite Innovations Pvt. Ltd., and its quest to bring light to India’s rural poor. Effective Executive, 13. pp. 10-21.

Velu, C and Prakash, S (2010) Reuters Market Light: business model innovation for growth. Effective Executive, 13. pp. 78-83.

Velu, C and Barrett, M and Kohli, R and Salge, TO (2010) Thriving in open innovation ecosystems: toward a collaborative market orientation. Judge Business School Working Papers.

Velu, C and Iyer, S (2008) The rationality of irrationality for managers: returns-based beliefs and the traveler's dilemma. Cambridge Working Papers in Economics.

Velu, C and Iyer, S (2008) The returns based beliefs and the prisoner's dilemma. Cambridge Working Papers in Economics.

Velu, C and Yu, L (2008) How do Indian banks go global? Effective Executive, Specia. pp. 64-79.

Iyer, S and Velu, C (2006) Real options and demographic decisions. Journal of Development Economics, 80. pp. 39-58. ISSN 0304-3878

Velu, CK and Madnick, SE and Van Alstyne, MW (2005) To standardize enterprise data or not? An economic analysis of flexibility versus control. Social Science Research Network Working Papers Series.

Velu, C A Systems Perspective on Business Model Evolution: The Case of an Agricultural Information Service Provider in India. Long Range Planning. (Unpublished)

Velu, CK and Savin, S and Pac, F When to Adopt a Service Innovation: Nash Equilibria in a Competitive Diffusion Framework. European Journal of Operational Research. ISSN 0377-2217 (Unpublished)

Conference or Workshop Item

Velu, C and Driouchi, T (2008) Incentives for business model innovation: a financial services case. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 254-282..


Barrett, M and Velu, C and Kohli, R and Salge, O and Simoes Brown, D (2011) Making the transition to collaborative innovation: issues of readiness, trust and governance. Technical Report. NESTA, London.

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