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Waller, S and Bradley, M and Hosking, I and Clarkson, PJ (2015) Making the case for inclusive design. Appl Ergon, 46 Pt . pp. 297-303.

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Hosking, I and Boyle, A and Ahmed, V and Clarkson, J What do emergency physicians in charge do? A qualitative observational study. Emergency Medicine Journal. (Unpublished)

Hosking, IM iPhone Visibility Analysis R1. (Unpublished)

Book Section

Bradley, MD and Waller, SD and Goodman-Deane, J and Hosking, I and Tenneti, R and Langdon, PM and Clarkson, PJ (2012) A population perspective on mobile phone related tasks. In: Designing Inclusive Systems. Springer, -.

Conference or Workshop Item

Hosking, I and Clarkson, PJ (2018) vis-UI-lise: Developing a tool for assessing user interface visibility. In: International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2018, -- to -- pp. 212-221..

Bradley, MDM and Hosking, I and Langdon, P and Clarkson, P (2017) Exploring summative depictions of older user experiences learning and adopting new technologies. In: Human Computer Interaction International, 2017-7-11 to 2017-7-14, Vancouver pp. 21-30..

Hosking, IM and Clarkson, PJ (2017) Now you see it, now you don’t: Understanding user interface visibility. In: HCI International 2017, 2017-7-9 to 2017-7-14, Vancouver, BC, Canada pp. 436-445..

Wollner, PKA and Hosking, I and Langdon, PM and Clarkson, PJ (2013) Improvements in interface design through implicit modeling. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 127-136..

Mangera, A and Marzo, A and Heron, N and Fernando, D and Abdel-Maguid, MM and Hameed, K and Soliman, A and Bradley, M and Hosking, I and Chapple, C (2012) DEVELOPMENT AND ASSESSMENT OF TWO ELECTRONIC BLADDER DIARIES; A PILOT STUDY. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 770-771..

Clarke, Z and Judge, S and Heron, N and Langley, J and Hosking, I and Hawley, M (2011) User involvement in the early development of assistive technology devices. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 362-373..

Lloyd, A and Hosking, I and Bradley, MD (2010) Building the BRIDGE: closing the gap on digital exclusion. In: Mapping the Impact of Online Information on the Political, Economic and Social Sphere, Google, 2010-3-1 to --, London, UK.

Wollner, PKA and Goldhaber, T and Mieczakowski, AK and Langdon, PM and Hosking, IM and Clarkson, PJ Evaluation of Setup Procedures on Mobile Devices Based on Users’ Initial Experience. In: NordDesign 2012, 2012-8-22 to 2012-8-24, Aalborg, Denmark. (Unpublished)


Goodman Deane, J and Ward, JR and Hosking, I and Clarkson, PJ (2010) Comparison of the usability of three autoinjectors. Technical Report. Engineering Department, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

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