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Zou, L and Yu, ZB and Tian, SF and Wang, XB and Li, J (2019) Lie point symmetries, conservation laws, and analytical solutions of a generalized time-fractional Sawada–Kotera equation. Waves in Random and Complex Media, 29. pp. 509-522. ISSN 1745-5030

Liu, Z and Li, Y and Jiang, Y and Li, J and Liu, R and Zhang, S and Zhang, Q and Chen, R (2019) A new diffuse optics emitter for high visual diffuse transmission density measurement. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 9.

Liu, Z and Jiang, Y and Li, Y and Li, J and Li, Z and Zhang, S and Lian, Y and Liu, R (2019) A neural network processing method based on self-assembly equipment for optical image display standardization. IEEE Access, 7. pp. 137552-137559.

Li, J and Smithwick, Q and Chu, D (2018) Full bandwidth dynamic coarse integral holographic displays with large field of view using a large resonant scanner and a galvanometer scanner. Optics Express, 26. pp. 17459-17476.

Qin, CY and Tian, SF and Wang, XB and Zhang, TT and Li, J (2018) Rogue waves, bright–dark solitons and traveling wave solutions of the (3+1)-dimensional generalized Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation. Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 75. pp. 4221-4231. ISSN 0898-1221

Fu, B and Li, J and Cao, Z and Popa, D (2018) Bound states of solitons in a harmonic graphene-mode-locked fiber laser. Photonics Research, 7. pp. 116-120. ISSN 2327-9125

Li, J and Liu, Z (2017) Image quality enhancement method for on-orbit remote sensing cameras using invariable modulation transfer function. Optics Express, 25. pp. 17134-17149.

Li, J and Liu, Z and Liu, F (2017) Using sub-resolution features for selfcompensation of the modulation transfer function in remote sensing. Optics Express, 25. pp. 4018-4037.

Li, J and Liu, Z and Liu, F (2017) Compressive sampling based on frequency saliency for remote sensing imaging. Scientific Reports, 7. 6539-.

Li, J and Zhang, Y (2017) Micro Coded-Aperture Lead-In of Light for Calibrating Remote Sensing Cameras. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 29. pp. 1939-1942. ISSN 1041-1135

Li, J and Xing, F and Chu, D and Liu, Z (2016) High-Accuracy Self-Calibration for Smart, Optical Orbiting Payloads Integrated with Attitude and Position Determination. Sensors (Basel), 16.

Chen, J-S and Smithwick, Q and Li, J and Chu, D (2016) Auxiliary Resonant Scanner to Increase the Scanning Capability for Coarse Integral Holographic Displays. Chinese Optics Letters, 15. ISSN 1671-7694

Conference or Workshop Item

Li, J and Smithwick, Q and Chu, D (2018) Bandwidth utilization improvement methods of Coarse Integral Holographic video Displays. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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