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Stewart, JC and Fan, Y and Danial, JSH and Goetz, A and Prasad, AS and Burton, OJ and Alexander-Webber, JA and Lee, SF and Skoff, SM and Babenko, V and Hofmann, S (2021) Quantum Emitter Localization in Layer-Engineered Hexagonal Boron Nitride. ACS Nano.

Canto, B and Otto, M and Powell, MJ and Babenko, V and O'Mahony, A and Knoops, HCM and Sundaram, RS and Hofmann, S and Lemme, MC and Neumaier, D (2021) Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> on Graphene Using Monolayer hBN as Interfacial Layer. Advanced Materials Technologies.

Casalis De Pury, A and Zheng, X and Ojambati, OS and Trifonov, A and Grosse, C and Kleemann, ME and Babenko, V and Purdie, D and Taniguchi, T and Watanabe, K and Lombardo, A and Vandenbosch, GAE and Hofmann, S and Baumberg, JJ (2020) Localized Nanoresonator Mode in Plasmonic Microcavities. Physical Review Letters, 124. 093901-. ISSN 0031-9007

Caglar, M and Silkina, I and Brown, BT and Thorneywork, AL and Burton, OJ and Babenko, V and Gilbert, SM and Zettl, A and Hofmann, S and Keyser, UF (2020) Tunable Anion-Selective Transport through Monolayer Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride. ACS Nano, 14. pp. 2729-2738. ISSN 1936-0851

Burton, OJ and Babenko, V and Veigang-Radulescu, VP and Brennan, B and Pollard, AJ and Hofmann, S (2019) The Role and Control of Residual Bulk Oxygen in the Catalytic Growth of 2D Materials. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123. pp. 16257-16267. ISSN 1932-7447

Comtet, J and Glushkov, E and Navikas, V and Feng, J and Babenko, V and Hofmann, S and Watanabe, K and Taniguchi, T and Radenovic, A (2019) Wide-Field Spectral Super-Resolution Mapping of Optically Active Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride. Nano Letters, 19. pp. 2516-2523. ISSN 1530-6984

Glushkov, E and Archetti, A and Stroganov, A and Comtet, J and Thakur, M and Navikas, V and Lihter, M and Marin, JFG and Babenko, V and Hofmann, S and Manley, S and Radenovic, A (2019) Waveguide-Based Platform for Large-FOV Imaging of Optically Active Defects in 2D Materials. ACS Photonics, 6. pp. 3100-3107.

Babenko, V and Fan, Y and Veigang-Radulescu, VP and Brennan, B and Pollard, AJ and Burton, O and Alexander-Webber, JA and Weatherup, RS and Canto, B and Otto, M and Neumaier, D and Hofmann, S (2019) Oxidising and carburising catalyst conditioning for the controlled growth and transfer of large crystal monolayer hexagonal boron nitride. 2D Materials, 7.

Wu, F and Thomas, PA and Kravets, VG and Arola, HO and Soikkeli, M and Iljin, K and Kim, G and Kim, M and Shin, HS and Andreeva, DV and Neumann, C and Küllmer, M and Turchanin, A and De Fazio, D and Balci, O and Babenko, V and Luo, B and Goykhman, I and Hofmann, S and Ferrari, AC and Novoselov, KS and Grigorenko, AN (2019) Layered material platform for surface plasmon resonance biosensing. Scientific Reports, 9. 20286-.

Hong, J and Meysami, SS and Babenko, V and Huang, C and Luanwuthi, S and Acapulco, J and Holdway, P and Grant, PS and Grobert, N (2017) Vertically-aligned silicon carbide nanowires as visible-light-driven photocatalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 218. pp. 267-276.

van Engers, CD and Cousens, NEA and Babenko, V and Britton, J and Zappone, B and Grobert, N and Perkin, S (2017) Direct Measurement of the Surface Energy of Graphene. Nano Lett, 17. pp. 3815-3821.

Babenko, V and Lane, G and Koos, AA and Murdock, AT and So, K and Britton, J and Meysami, SS and Moffat, J and Grobert, N (2017) Time dependent decomposition of ammonia borane for the controlled production of 2D hexagonal boron nitride. Sci Rep, 7. 14297-.

Murdock, AT and van Engers, CD and Britton, J and Babenko, V and Meysami, SS and Bishop, H and Crossley, A and Koos, AA and Grobert, N (2017) Targeted removal of copper foil surface impurities for improved synthesis of CVD graphene. Carbon, 122. pp. 207-216. ISSN 0008-6223

Babenko, V and Murdock, AT and Koós, AA and Britton, J and Crossley, A and Holdway, P and Moffat, J and Huang, J and Alexander-Webber, JA and Nicholas, RJ and Grobert, N (2015) Rapid epitaxy-free graphene synthesis on silicidated polycrystalline platinum. Nature Communications, 6. 7536-.

Britton, J and Cousens, NEA and Coles, SW and Van Engers, CD and Babenko, V and Murdock, AT and Koós, A and Perkin, S and Grobert, N (2014) A graphene surface force balance. Langmuir, 30. pp. 11485-11492. ISSN 0743-7463


UNSPECIFIED Porous materials comprising two-dimensional nanomaterials. doi:.

UNSPECIFIED Process for the production of two-dimensional nanomaterials. doi:.

UNSPECIFIED A process for producing two-dimensional metal chalcogenide materials by chemical vapour deposition. doi:.

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