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Lakunina, AA and Nardoci, MB and Ahmadian, Y and Jaramillo, S (2020) Somatostatin-Expressing Interneurons in the Auditory Cortex Mediate Sustained Suppression by Spectral Surround. J Neurosci, 40. pp. 3564-3575.

Jercog, PE and Ahmadian, Y and Woodruff, C and Deb-Sen, R and Abbott, LF and Kandel, ER (2019) Heading direction with respect to a reference point modulates place-cell activity. Nat Commun, 10. 2333-.

Iigaya, K and Ahmadian, Y and Sugrue, LP and Corrado, GS and Loewenstein, Y and Newsome, WT and Fusi, S (2019) Deviation from the matching law reflects an optimal strategy involving learning over multiple timescales. Nat Commun, 10. 1466-.

Arakaki, T and Barello, G and Ahmadian, Y (2019) Inferring neural circuit structure from datasets of heterogeneous tuning curves. PLoS Comput Biol, 15. e1006816-.

Hennequin, G and Ahmadian, Y and Rubin, DB and Lengyel, M and Miller, KD (2018) The Dynamical Regime of Sensory Cortex: Stable Dynamics around a Single Stimulus-Tuned Attractor Account for Patterns of Noise Variability. Neuron, 98. 846-860.e5. ISSN 0896-6273

Shusterman, R and Sirotin, YB and Smear, MC and Ahmadian, Y and Rinberg, D (2018) Sniff Invariant Odor Coding. eNeuro, 5.

Ahmadian, Y and Fumarola, F and Miller, KD (2015) Properties of networks with partially structured and partially random connectivity. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys, 91. 012820-.

Ahmadian, Y and Rubin, DB and Miller, KD (2013) Analysis of the stabilized supralinear network. Neural Comput, 25. pp. 1994-2037.

Vidne, M and Ahmadian, Y and Shlens, J and Pillow, JW and Kulkarni, J and Litke, AM and Chichilnisky, EJ and Simoncelli, E and Paninski, L (2011) Modeling the impact of common noise inputs on the network activity of retinal ganglion cells. J Comput Neurosci, 33. pp. 97-121.

Paninski, L and Ahmadian, Y and Ferreira, DG and Koyama, S and Rahnama Rad, K and Vidne, M and Vogelstein, J and Wu, W (2009) A new look at state-space models for neural data. J Comput Neurosci, 29. pp. 107-126.

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