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New Arrivals

The Department employs around 250 contract researcher staff and hosts around 300 visitors/embedded researchers. Jane Hunter, Diana Eddy, Nick Northrop and Jenny Ridgeon process all of the paperwork associated with contract research staff recruitment, They also process paperwork associated with visiting academics, visiting students and embedded researchers.

Advice for new staff and visitors, including information on banks, healthcare, accommodation, taxes, and schools is available in the informal guide Useful information for new arrivals.

The Research Office has produced a guide to Visitor/Embedded Researcher visas:

To determine whether an applicant requires a visa to work in the UK please visit the UK Boarder Agency Website at:

The Research Office assists in the application of Certificates of Sponsorship for Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas only.

The application for Tier 1 (Post Study) and Tier 1 (General) visas are the responsibility of the individual applying.

On Arrival
When you receive your official letter of invitation/appointment you will be asked to contact the Research Office as soon as you know your arrival date. We will make a registration appointment for you. This appointment will be held in the Research Office which is located in the Baker building on the Trumpington Road site, room BEO-26. Please bring your passport / visa / id card as appropriate, to this initial meeting.

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