Cristina Savin

    What Iíve been up to lately:

    APRIL, 2013:  awarded an IST research fellowship; new project on hippocampal memory recall, in collaboration with Gasper Tkacic and Jozsef Csicsvari.

    APRIL, 2013:  moving to Paris over the summer, visiting the lab of Sophie Deneve at ENS.

    MARCH 2013:  US trip was great fun; posted extended technical comment on assesing relevance of spontaneous activity, in response to the reply from Okun et al (arXiv, 2031), here.

    FEBR 2013:  upcoming talks at Columbia(12th), NYU (11th) and Janelia (15th) in March. New technical commentary on assesing relevance of spontaneous activity posted on arXiv.

    JAN 2013:  2 Cosyne posters; joined PC for UAI 2013; upcoming talk on recognition memory models at the Cambridge Memory Meeting on Febr. 21st.

    DEC, 2012:  great workshop at MBI, Ohio.

    NOV, 2012:  talk at ENS Paris on effective retrieval from correlated synapses.

    OCT, 2012:  iCoNeT talk on effective retrieval from bounded synapses; 2 talks at SfN about recent analysis of data from the Fiser lab.

    AUG, 2012:  had a great time as ACCN 2012 tutor; upcoming: invited talk at iCoNeT 2012, Freiburg on October 5th.

    JULY, 2012:  upcoming: SfN nanosymposium on Organization in Vision: Functional Architecture and Neural Coding.

    MAY, 2012:  upcoming: Sensory Coding and Natural Environment 2012 and MBI workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience.

    APRIL, 2012:  some cool new results analysing V1 spike data from the Fiser lab.

    MARCH, 2012:  another round of supervisions over; RCC talk on "Auxiliary variable methods for sampling"; upcoming trips to Juelich, Budapest and Brandeis.

    FEBR, 2012:  visiting Columbia (NY) and the mormons.

    JAN, 2012:  Cosyne poster accepted. Will be tutoring at ACCN next summer.

    DEC, 2011:  great feedback for poster presented at NIPS. Granada wasn't bad either

    NOV, 2011:  poster at plasticity and learning meeting in Marseille; new work on recall from correlated synapses sent off to Cosyne.

    SEPT, 2011:  poster at EBBS meeting in Seville.

    AUG, 2011:  upcoming @NIPS new paper on the role of familiarity in recollection.

    FEB, 2011:  keeping busy 2 posters and a talk in the workshops (Cosyne 2011).

    SEPT, 2010:  The big move.

    APRIL, 2010:  Two more upcoming trips: Yale and Budapest. I'll be presenting new data on my working memory model at the Sloan-Swartz meeting in June.

    APRIL, 2010:  Trip to Yerevan. TA-ing new course on Information theory.

    MARCH, 2010:  Lots of good news: thesis paperwork finally done, G-node school, new job, Plos paper accepted and great fun at the WM workshop in Weizmann.

    JUNE, 2009:  Visiting Montreal: ICML, MSRL, and the Romanian Consulate.

    JAN, 2009:   Coming up this fall - the Bernstein students symposium (satellite meeting of BCCN 2009).

    SEPT, 2008:  3 great weeks in EPFL, playing with spike-based BCM models and ICA.

    JULY, 2007:  Great fun at the Telluride Workshop in Neuromorphic Engineering.

Last modified: 23 April 2013