Mathematical Programming, Series B

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Recent issues


Large Scale Optimization: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications

Volume 129, Number 2 / October 2011

Guest Editors: Dimitri Bertsekas and Zhi-Quan Luo


Cone Programming and its Applications

Volume 129, Number 1 / September 2011

Guest Editors: Miguel F. Anjos, Etienne Klerk and Franz Rendl


Optimization and Machine learning

Volume 127, Number 1 / March 2011

Guest editors: Alexandre d’Aspremont, Francis Bach, Inderjit S. Dhillon and Bin Yu



20th International Symposium on Mathematical Programming – ISMP 2009

Volume 125, Number 2 / October 2010

Guest editors: Mihai Anitescu and Robert Fourer


Combinatorial Optimization and Integer Programming

Volume 124, Numbers 1-2 / July 2010

Guest Editors: Michael Jünger, Thomas M. Liebling, Denis Naddef, William R. Pulleyblank, Gerhard Reinelt, Giovanni Rinaldi and Laurance A. Wolsey


Well-posedness, stability and related topics

Volume 123, Number 1 / May 2010

Guest Editors: Marco A. López, Juan E. Martínez-Legaz and Alexander Shapiro    


Further information about Mathematical Programming is available from the Mathematical Programming Society here and its publisher Springer here. Additional information about each special issue can be obtained from the guest editors for that issue.

Editorial Board

·         Daniel Ralph, Editor-in-Chief

·         Karen Aardal                           

·         Mihai Anitescu                        

·         Michael Hintermüller             

·         Martin Skutella                       

·         Alexander Shapiro                 

·         Henry Wolkowicz