Lab News

March 2014

Our paper published in Current Biology:

Alexandra Reichenbach, David W. Franklin, Peter Zatka-Haas, and Jorn Diedrichsen (2014)
A Dedicated Binding Mechanism for the Visual Control of Movement Current Biology

University of Cambridge Press Release:
can be found here.

Featured in:
Medical Daily
The Financial Express
FARS News Agency
Science Codex
Business Standard
The Indian Express
The Free Press Journal
Micro Finance Monitor
ANI News
Medical XPress
Neuroscience News

Oct 2013

Human Robotics book is published by MIT Press

June 2013

Our paper was published in the Journal Of Neuroscience:

Dimitriou M, Wolpert DM and Franklin DW (2013)
The temporal evolution of feedback gains rapidly update to task demands
Journal of Neuroscience 33(26):10898-10909