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CFD development

Vortex interaction The unsteady interaction of a streamwise vortex (red) with the endwall boundary layer, and secondary flow (blue), of the downstream blade row, from [5].

CFD is a vital tool in the aerodynamic design of turbomachines. Since CFD's introduction over 30 years ago, there has always been a trade-off between the fidelity of the modelling and the run-time required for the calculation. My CFD research is focussed on improving the capabilities of CFD so that more features of the real flow can be captured during a routine design process. For example, the time required for an unsteady calculation (to resolve blade row interaction) is often prohibitive, but dual time-stepping can achieve a 10x speedup [7] and resolve flow structures not present in steady calculations, [6].

Over the past 10 years, parallel hardware has become affordable. This creates many challenges for the software developer. Both externally parallel hardware (distributed memory PC clusters, MPI [5]) and internally parallel hardare (multi-core CPUs, many-core GPUs [1-4]) are available.



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