Many of the videos are available in MPG, CIN, WMV and AVI format. The MPG and WMV files will play under Windows Media Player, the CIN (Cinepak codec) files will work on some machines, eg Macintosh. But for most of the videos the AVI is the original and may give better resolution, Unfortunately, the codec used (Intel Indeo 5) is no longer supported by Microsoft under Windows XP / Windows Media Player. The AVI and WMV files should run under RealPlayer. RealPlayer V.10 can be found at the BBC website (do a google search on realplayer bbc ). I have archived the version as at October 2008 here: rp10-bbc-en-setup.exe

To check if you have Indeo5 Codec on your machine then try clicking on Sherlock. The codec can be downloaded from the Intel Codec Download Page. The download will install the following files: I263_32.DRV IAC25_32.AX, IR41_32.AX, IR41_QC.DLL, IR41_QCX.DLL, IR50_32.DLL, IR50_LCS.DLL, IR50_QC.DLL, IR50_QCX.DLL, IVFSRC.AX.

Macintosh users may wish to consult from which I quote: "In particular the Indeo CODEC, popular for video compression on PCs, has not been ported to Mac OS X. Probably the easiest way to play AVI and DivX files on Mac OS X is to download and install the freeware player VLC Media Player for OS X from". But I'm told that AVI files should play in Quicktime if it's set up correctly. Quictime should have no trouble with the CIN files (Cinepak codec), but the video quality is not so good as the MPG and AVI files.

If you are still having trouble viewing the videos then I need to know. It will help to know if you can play any movies at all. To test this please click on the following links to a short movie and let me know ( which one is best for you.

many thanks for your help. I hope soon to have all the videos in a format that suits everybody.

The movies below should show an anti-clockwise spinning wheel.

(test_indeo5.avi) This is the format of all the AVI files on my MOVIES page.





(test_none.avi) (a large file, which shows why compression is valuable!)

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