Titan, the Trinity College Cat, is missing.

Titan, Trinity's beloved cat, has not been seen this year. The first sign that there might be something wrong was when she did not attend the Christmas Service in the Chapel. Then she didn't show up for her Tutor's meeting at the beginning of the Lent term. She is no longer seen waiting outside Hall for scraps .... the 'warm spot' over the heating pipes remains vacant . Fellows' cars don't get paw prints any more ... she doesn't jump up onto the table during supervisions ... in short, we're all missing her rather a lot.

Has anyone seen her? She's a well-fed muscular tabby with a banded stripey tail and is easily identified because of a curious spot in one eye (I can't remember which). She has been known to wander far afield - she likes the boys dorms at St John's Choir School! Perhaps she's found a cosy spot somewhere.

If you've an idea where she is then please let me know. (still no news at 15 May 2000)

Dr Hugh Hunt
Trinity College
hemh1 (at) cam.ac.uk

Titan: a potted biography

Titan and her sister Ricardo were born on 28 March 1991 to a tabby mother, unknown father, in a litter of 5. Ricardo (who lives with my wife and me) is a beautiful grey and is almost indistinguishable from a Russian Blue. It is probably fair to guess that there is 'blue' in the pedigree, but it's not pure. Around the time there was a 'blue' tom that was found dead (run over) having escaped from it's home - quite possibly the father.

I was living in College at the time and the two kittens soon enveloped a huge territory (even though there were 10 other Trinity cats at the time, most were kept indoors). Titan did a better job and picked off Great Court as well as the whole of Trinity Hall and Clare. Ricardo preferred far-away places like Robinson College, the Abbey National building society and Woolworths!

When we moved out of College, the previous occupants of our house had two cats. Ricardo jumped into the vacated territory and Titan was not bothered - she already had territory. After a few days' confinement indoors, we let the cats out and Titan sprinted back to Trinity. Efforts to keep her at home have failed, hence she's become 'Titan of Trinity'.

When they were very young, we asked two Trinity Vet students to 'sex' them. Both boys, we were told. Male names were chosen, Ricardo after a beautiful deserted beach at the end of the ninety-mile beach in East Gippsland, Australia, and Titan because ... well, I was stuck for another name and there was a space mission to Saturn at the time and in the paper there were pictures of Titan, the largest (and stripey) moon of Saturn. Yes, Titan was the largest (and stripiest) of the 5 in the litter. When we went to pick them up after they had been 'neutered' we were surprised to be told that they'd been speyed. Mistake, I said. No mistake, said the vet!

So, there's the story. You'll have to meet Ricardo one day - a complete contrast!

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