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Dr Sleath is a Member of the Staff of Cambridge University Engineering Department. He is in the Coastal Engineering Group in the Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery and Thermodynamics Division.


Dr John Sleath graduated from St Johns College in 1960 and then worked in industry for 5 years before returning to Cambridge to do a Ph.D on water waves over a bed of sand. He has been on the CUED staff since 1968 (with occasional visiting appointments elsewhere) and has been a Reader since 1992. He is a fellow of Emmanuel College.


Dr Sleath's principal research interest is the study of the movement of sand by water waves. Since it is not possible to understand how sand moves without knowing about the water motion, this has involved study of the fluid flows as well. Specific topics investigated include: (1) Pressures within the seabed (2) Fluid velocities close to the seabed (3) Turbulence in oscillatory flow (4) The formation of ripples (5) Sediment transport rates (6) Sediment suspension (7) Combined wave+current effects

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