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Michael Kelly has been the Prince Philip Professor of Technology since September 2002. This is a new post to honour the 25 years service of Prince Philip as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. He is also a Fellow of Trinity Hall and a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey. During 2003-2005 he was also the Cambridge Executive Director of the Cambridge-MIT Institute, and 2006-9 he has been part-time Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department for Communities and Local Government. Since 2006 he has been a non-executive director of the Laird plc.


He came to the UK from New Zealand in 1971 to complete a PhD in solid state theory at Cambridge, and stayed there for a decade researching the electronic structure of metal and semiconductor surfaces and of amorphous materials. Between 1981 and 1992, he was based at the GEC Hirst Research Centre. His main research interests there concerned the practical exploitation of quantum transport phenomena in semiconductors, in particular in the area of new generation, high performance, microwave devices. Between 1992 and 2002 he was Professor of Physics and Electronics at the University of Surrey, first in the Department of Physics, and then heading the School of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics from 1996-2001, stepping down to Direct the Centre for Solid State Electronics in the School.


He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Institution of Electrical Engineers, the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. He is a Chartered Physicist and Chartered Engineer. In 2002, he was awarded DSc (honoris causa) from his alma mater, Victoria University of Wellington. In 2006 he was awarded the Royal Society’s Hughes Medal and Prize for his work on electronic transport that became exploited in new semiconductor devices for advanced systems. In 2009 he was elected a member of Academia Europaea.


During his time advising Government, he became aware of the size of the challenge to retrofit today’s buildings, 87% of which will form 70% of the UK building stock in 2050, to meet the challenges of energy security, sustainable consumption and resilience to future climates. Recently he served on the Oxburgh Review of the climate science at the University of East Anglia and on the Royal Society revision of its public statement on climate change.


Research Interests


At present he is examining the manufacturability (or otherwise) of whole families of devices that rely on tunneling effects and on hot electron injection, and the use of ion-implantation in fabricating novel devices in semiconductor multilayers.


Teaching Interests


At present he teaches a final year option on advanced electronic devices, but has taught electrical science to first year electrical engineering students, statistical mechanics to final year physicists and calculus to first year mathematicians.




From his CV:


Full Name: Michael Joseph Kelly

Date and Place of Birth 14 May 1949 at New Plymouth, New Zealand

Nationality British and New Zealand

Marital Status Married, one daughter (12/02/93).

Work Address: Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge,

Electrical Engineering Division, CAPE Building,

9 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0FA

Tel: 01223 748303 Fax: 01223 748348

Present Position: Prince Philip Professor of Technology

Present Qualifications: BSc (Hons), MSc (VUW), MA, PhD, ScD (Cantab)

Fellow of the Royal Society 1993

Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering 1998

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand 1999

Professional Body Fellow of the Institute of Physics 1988

Memberships: Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers 1989

Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist.

Member of the American Institute of Physics

Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers





University Education:

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand:1967-71

BSc Degree, 1969

BSc (1st Class in Mathematics), 1970

MSc (Pass with Distinction), 1971

Thesis: "Some Aspects of the Optical Properties of Metals"

Supervisor: Professor N W Ashcroft


University of Cambridge, England:1971-4

PhD l974, MA 1975, ScD 1993

PhD Thesis: "The Electronic Structure of Solids and Surfaces"

Supervisor: Professor V Heine FRS.





1.Previous Academic Positions:

Visiting Fellow Department of Physics, Victoria University of Wellington. l974

Research Fellow in Physics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 1974-7

Visiting Researcher at KFA-IFF, Julich, FRG. Summer 1975

IBM Research fellow at Physics Dept, UC Berkeley. 1975-6

Staff Fellow in Theoretical Physics at Trinity Hall. 1977-81

SRC Advanced Fellow at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. 1977-81

Visiting Fellow at Max Planck Institut fur Festkorperforschung, Stuttgart, FRG, 1980

Royal Society/SERC Industrial Fellow at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. 1989-91

Visiting Fellow Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. 1988-92

Staff Fellow in Physics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 1989-92

Professor of Physics and Electronics, Physics Dept, University of Surrey 1992-6

Acting Head of Department of Physics, University of Surrey. January-April 1995.

Head of School of Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Mathematics,

University of Surrey 1997-2001: 90 academic staff, 1250 students, budget: >£16M pa.

Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ May 1999

Director of Centre for Solid State Electronics, University of Surrey 2001-2

Director of Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey 2001-2

Visiting Professor at University of Surrey 2002-

Prince Philip Professor of Technology in the University of Cambridge 2002-

Deputy Head of Department of Engineering (Research) 2002-4

Executive Director of the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI Ltd) 2003-5: > £16Mpa

Visiting Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2003-5


(2) Industrial/Government

Member of Research Staff at the GEC Hirst Research Centre, 1981-92

Manager/coordinator of Superlattice Research Group 1984-92: budget ~£0.4M pa.

Manager of EEC, DTI, MOD and GEC Research Contracts: 1984-92

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, Non-Executive Director 1996-2002

Chief Scientific Advisor, Department for Communities and Local Government 2006-9

Non-Executive Director, The Laird plc, 2006-


3.Membership of Professional and Government Committees:

Solid State Physics Subcommittee, Institute of Physics 1984-7

Semiconductor Physics Group, Institute of Physics, 1984-7

Advanced Devices and Materials (Joint DTI/SERC) 1991-4

Information Technology Education and Training Panel (Joint DTI/SERC) 1992-3

Sectional Committee 4 of the Royal Society 1993-6

Chairman, Royal Society Research Grant Board A 1994-7

Royal Society International Exchanges: Panel II 1996-

Member, Royal Society Working Party on Technology Foresight and Framework V.

OST Technology Foresight Panelist (Information Technology and Electronics)1994-

EEC Expert Adviser on Microelectronics for Framework IV March 1994, 1996

Royal Society Armourers and Braziers’ Committeee 1995-98

Institute of Physics Prize Committee 1996-2002

Member Defence Scientific Advisory Committee 1997-2005

Member of EPSRC Materials College 1997-

Ordinary Member of Council of the Institute of Physics 1997-2001

Reviewer of MoD Intramural Research Programmes 1999-2002

Royal Society Finance and General Purposes Committee 1999-2004

University of Surrey delegate to Parliamentary and Scientific Committee 1997-2001

Member of Editorial Board of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s ‘Ingenia’ 1999-2004

Member of Research Assessment Exercise Electronic Engineering Panel 2001

Member of Review Panel of EPSRC's Peer Review Process 2000

Vice-President for International Affairs, Institute of Physics 2001-5

Member of Council of Royal Society 2001-2

Institute of Physics representative on the Scientific Unions Committee 2001-5

Member of Materials Advisory Team for EPSRC 2002-4

Reviewer of Industrial Research Limited New Zealand 2002

Reviewer of Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, University of Essex 2002

Chair of EPSRC Review Panel of the Southampton Silicon Microfabrication Facility 2003

Review of Information and Communications Technology Consortia in New Zealand 2003

International Quinquennial Reviewer of the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation 2004

Royal Society Brian Mercer Committee 2003-5

Engineering Policy Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering 2003-

Advisory Board of Centre of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology, Belfast 2005-

International Reviewer of Industrial Research Ltd (New Zealand) 2005-6

Reviewer of Central Microstructures Facility, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 2006

Member of a Multisdisciplinary Advisory Committee for the Canadian Foundation for Innovation 2006

Engineering Policy Committee of the Royal Academy of Engineering 2003-

Advisory Board of Centre of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology, Belfast 2005-

International Reviewer of Industrial Research Ltd (New Zealand) 2005-6

Reviewer of Central Microstructures Facility, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 2006

Member of a Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee for the Canadian Foundation for Innovation 2006

Member of the Royal Society Education Committee 2008- and Industrial Fellowships Cmmttee 2008-

Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering External Affairs Committee 2009-


4. University of Surrey service

Head of School 1997-2001 (budget £17Mpa: 5*/5 research in EE/Maths&Stats)

Member of Planning and Resources Committee 1997-2000

University of Surrey Delegate to Parliamentary and Scientific Committee 1997-2002

Member of Honorary Degrees Committee 1999-2002

Member of Finance and General Purposes Committee 2000-1

Chairman of Academic Strategy Task Group 2001

Member of Business Advisory Group 2001-2

Chair of Joint Senate/Council Committee to appoint Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of Corporate Services 2002


(5) University of Cambridge Service:

Member of Board of Electors for Plummer Chair 2002

Cambridge Executive Director of Cambridge-MIT Institute 2003-5

Senior Appointments Committee of School of Technology 2003-5

Member of Council and Deputy Head of the Department of Engineering 2002-4


(6) Working Parties:

Panel member of the Mid-term Review of the SERC's LDSD Initiative 1988

Member of the Royal Society Technology Foresight Working Group 1994-5

Member of Royal Society's European Science Foundation Working Group 1995

Member Royal Society Panel submitting to House of Lords on Future of Microprocessing 2002

Oxburgh Review of Climate Science and University of East Anglia 2010

Member of Royal Society Climate Change Document Revision Working Group 2010

Member of Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Generating the Future’ Working Group 2010


(7) Major Conference Organisation:

Member of International Advisory Committee of at least one conference per year.

Meetings (with proceedings) co-organised:

(i) 1 day symposium ‘Advanced Materials in the Marketplace’, 300 attendees, University of Surrey, 22 September 1994, with J E Castle.

(ii) 2 day Discussion Meeting on ‘The Current Status of Semiconductor Tunnelling Devices at the Royal Society, 105 attendees, 8/9 November 1995, with L Eaves.

(iii) 1 day symposium ‘Functional Materials in New Millennium Systems’, 150 attendees, University of Surrey, 29 May 1996.

(iv) Fund-raiser for the 26th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, Edinburgh, July-August 2002

(v) 2 day Discussion Meeting on 'Organising Atoms: Manipulation of Matter at the sub-10nm scale' (with R E Palmer) at the Royal Society, 150 attendees, 15-16 October 2003


(8) Trusteeships

Red Balloon Learner Centres (restoring badly bullied children) 2005-

Friends of Victoria University of Wellington in the United Kingdom 2005-6


(9) Honours:

GEC Publications Prizewinner l986, 1987,1988

Fellow of Institute of Physics 1988

Fellow of Institution of Electrical Engineers 1989

The Paterson Medal and Prize, Institute of Physics 1989

The Nelson Gold Medal of GEC 1991

Elected Fellow of the Royal Society 1993

Elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering 1998

Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal 1999

Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand 1999

Sterling Group Lecturer in Singapore and Malaysia 2000

Royal Society Rutherford Memorial Lecturer in New Zealand 2000

Royal Society Hughes Medal and Prize 2006

Elected Member, Academia Europaea 2009




Cambridge 1971-81 and 1988-92, and 2002-

Undergraduate student supervision in physics and applied mathematics.

Undergraduate lectures on semiconductor physics.

Graduate lectures in solid state and semiconductor physics.

Final year course on advanced electronic devices.

Surrey 1992-2002

Graduate and undergraduate courses on semiconductor science and devices.

Undergraduate courses in statistical physics, electrical science and calculus.

Graduate course on Research Methodology

Bath 1994-7:

External examiner for first degrees in Physics.



1.Areas of Research:

1971 Optical properties of metals

1971-80 Electronic structure of crystalline and amorphous metals and semiconductors.

1975-81 Physics of the two-dimensional electron gas in Si MOSFETs.

1979-80 Phase transitions in metals and alloys.

1980-2 Electron-lattice interactions and superconductivity in semiconductors.

1983 Metal-semiconductor contacts for high temperature electronics

1984- Fabrication and physics of metal and semiconductor microstructures.

1984- All aspects of superlattice science, devices and technology.

1987- New generation III-V semiconductor microwave devices.

1988- Physics of quasi-one-dimensional motion for device applications

1992 - Manufacturability of advanced electronic devices. Ion-implantation of III-V semiconductor




>230 papers and review articles, book chapters etc in refereed journals of the learned and professional

societies, and in conference proceedings etc.

Co-author of Technology Foresight Panel Report #8 on 'IT and Electronics' HMSO pp122 (1995)

Author of book: "Low Dimensional Semiconductors" (Oxford University Press), pp xviii+546 (1995)

Co-editor of two books and one conference:

"The Physics and Fabrication of Microstructures and Microdevices", (editors M J Kelly and C Weisbuch)

(Springer-Verlag, Berlin) (1986) pp467

"Advanced Materials in the Market Place", (editors J E Castle and M J Kelly) (Institute of Materials,

London) (1995) pp198

"The Current Status of Semiconductor Tunnelling Devices" (editors L Eaves and M J Kelly)

(Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series A, Vol 354 #1717 pp. 2289-2467 1996.



13 patents on semiconductor devices successfully applied for. UK and worldwide coverage; of these 7

patents are still active.


4.Seminars/Conferences etc:

Over 150 invited seminars and conference talks.





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(241) M J Kelly .The built environment fit for a sustainable, energy-efficient and climate-resilient world’ in ‘Climate Adaptation’ at http://www.ourplanet.com/




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