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Structures and mechanisms that are symmetric often have interesting properties that depend on their symmetries. For instance, many structures/mechanisms have finite mechanisms, even though they are apparently overconstrained; in many cases this paradox can be explained by the symmetry of the system.

Together with Patrick Fowler of the University of Sheffield, R. Pandia Raj, Riki Kangwai and Hannes Schmidt at Cambridge, Jingyao Zhang of the University of Kyoto, and following initial inspiration from Sergio Pellegrino, I have looked at both the tools of symmetry analysis, working out new methods of applying group-theoretical techniques to structural analysis, and also the application of symmetry to various systems with interesting properties.

Tools of symmetry analysis

Our early work was concerned with applying group-theoretical techniques to new areas of structural analysis, particularly equilibrium relationships between applied loads and internal forces. One important outcome was that it proved to be possible to show the finite nature of many mechanisms, simply based on a local first-order analysis, and symmetry.

Recent work with Patrick Fowler has focussed on using representation theory to expand simple counting rules for structural analysis to consider the symmetries, as well as number, of various quantities. We have developed a symmetry-adapted form of both Maxwell's rule for the determinacy of truss structures, and the mobility criterion for the determination of the number of degrees of freedom of a mechanism.

Further work is concentrating on applying symmetry methods to understand and devise new tensegrity structures.

Applications of symmetry analysis

We have applied our knowledge of symmetry and structural analysis to a number of different systems:

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