Simone Hochgreb is a professor of engineering at the University of Cambridge since 2002. Her research interests include reacting flows, laser diagnostics, combustion, thermoacoustics, and aerosol formation and transport. Prior to Cambridge she held positions at Sandia National Labs, Exponent Inc. and at MIT.


  • Reacting flows
  • Thermoacoustics
  • Particle synthesis and aerosols


  • PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1991

    Princeton University

  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, 1986

    University of São Paulo, Brazil

Recent Posts


RA Positions Post Doctoral position on the simulation of droplet combustion in laminar and turbulent flows A position is available for 24 months at CORIA Lab. associated with a new collaborative initiative between INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) Rouen Normandie, France and the University of Cambridge, UK.



Bipolar particle sensor

We have developed a low-cost particle sensor that can measure particle size x concentration over a very wide dynamic range

Closing in on turbulent flames

In this project we are trying to use a known spectrum of turbulence to understand the mixing rate (and reaction) of turbulent flames.

CNT synthesis

A major review of the quantitative aspects of carbon nanotube formation using floating catalyst chemical vapour deposition


Laser-induced incandescence particle image velocimetry (LII-PIV): a new technique for discriminating droplet and gas velocity.


Laser-induced grating spectroscopy: LITGS signal obtained over a sooty ethylene flame: frequency proportional to the square of sound speed.