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Turbomachinery Group (Whittle Lab)


Dr Hynes is a Reader in the Turbomachinery Group, which is based at the Whittle Laboratory on the West Cambridge site.  This Group is part of the Turbomachinery, Energy and Fluid Mechanics Division (Division A).  He is also a member of St John's College.


Vector Calculus 2013-14

Section 1, Section 2,  Section 3 , Section 4, Section 5

Inviscid Flow


PDE’s 2013-14

Handout 1, Handout 2


4A2 2013-14

Students taking module

Revised Instructions


Thu      Oct 10th           Introduction

Mon     Oct 14th           BasicConcepts_1

Thu      Oct 17th           BasicConcepts_2

Mon     Oct 21st            Review of 3A3_Pt1,  Review of 3A3_Pt2

Thu      Oct 24th           Turbulence

Thu      Oct 31sf            Mesh Generation

Thu      Nov 7th            Extensions



Thu      Oct 19th           Instructions

Mon     Oct 14th           Fortran, Exercise, Euler

Mon     Oct 21st            3A3 Handout 3, 3A3 Handout 1

Thu      Nov 7th            Extensions Handout


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