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Dr Houyuan Jiang is Professor of Management Science at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. His research interests include healthcare operationas management, revenue management, and optimisation. Previously, he was a Senior Research Scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations (CSIRO) in Australia, where he undertook research in combinatorial optimisation and consultancy in applied operations research and management science. Prior to that, he was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne, and carried out research in continuous optimisation.

Born in a remote mountainous village in the Eastern China, I was raised to become a rickshaw Hercules for transporting rocks and logs. In my daughter's art project, I was portrayed as a travelling man from the North to the South and from the East to the West. My physical journey started in a small village, gradually moved to bigger cities, peaked in Sydney, then returned to smaller cities, and eventually settle in Cambridge. My scholarly journey began with continuous optimization, shifted to combinatorial optimization, hanged on management science, and now reside on healthcare operations. Those who wander are lost and those who wander are rewarded.


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