PhD positions

Apply in October for PhD positions the follow year (read on).

We are always looking for talented academic researchers interested in reacting flows and energy. If you are a UK or intenrational applicant with top credentials, you may be eligible for an EPSRC doctoral training fellowship. International students may also apply, but funding may not cover the full fees. Additional funding requests from the Cambridge Trust can sometimes be available upon acceptance.

Aerosol CDT PhD positions

PhD students interested in nanoparticle formation, using laser-based techniques to understand the formation and agglomeration of particles. Top academic credentials with background in physics, chemistry or engineering: Center for Doctoral Training in Aerosol Science.

All other positions

Simone Hochgreb
Simone Hochgreb
Professor of Engineering

My interests are in reacting flows, optical diagnostics, thermoacoustics, particle synthesis and aerosols.