Our group aims to engineer novel nanomaterials and to exploit their unique properties to achieve optoelectronic, energy harvesting, electronic and communications technologies with entirely new functionality and significantly improved performance compared to the current state-of-the-art. We pioneer new techniques for the growth of nanomaterials, new contact-free spectroscopic methods for high throughput measurement of the ultrafast electrical properties of nanomaterials, and new devices such as quantum multiplexed circuits, photoresponsive memory devices and ultrafast terahertz modulators.

The group is led by Dr Hannah Joyce. We are based in the Electrical Engineering building and make extensive use of experimental facilities throughout West Cambridge. We are a member of the Electronic Devices and Materials group in the Electrical Engineering division.

We have particular expertise in III–V nanowires, which combine the excellent electronic properties III–V materials, and the tiny dimensions of the nanowire geometry. These properties make III–V nanowires outstanding candidates for future electronic and optoelectronic devices, including light emitting diodes, lasers and solar cells. Our research endeavours to grow these nanowires controllably and reproducibly, to understand their fundamental optical and electronic properties, and to implement novel devices based on these nanomaterials.


Srabani and Stephanie are each giving talks at IRMMW-THz 2019 in Paris.

- 1 Sept 2019

Colm O'Riada has joined us to undertake his PhD. Welcome to the group, Colm!

- 12 Aug 2019

Greg Tainter and Sarwat Howe have both graduated with their PhDs! Congratulations, Sarwat and Greg!

- 19 Jul 2019

Srabani is giving a talk at OTST 2019 in Santa Fe.

- 10 Mar 2019

Jamie Lake has joined us to undertake his PhD. Welcome to the group, Jamie!

- 5 Oct 2018

Srabani Kar has joined us as a postdoctoral research associate. Welcome to the group, Srabani!

- 3 Sept 2018

Chawit is visiting Jagadish's group in the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering at the Australian National University for a period of 3 months. Good luck, Chawit!

- 1 May 2018

Our paper has appeared in the Virtual Special Issue on Women in Physics 2018!

- 17 Mar 2018

Kaveh has been promoted to Senior Research Associate! Congratulations, Kaveh.

- 1 Jan 2018

Jack Alexander-Webber and Kate Groschner's paper in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces has been published!

- 24 Nov 2017

Stephanie Adeyemo has joined us to undertake her PhD. Welcome to the group, Stephanie!

- 1 Oct 2017

Kaveh's paper in Advanced Materials has been published!

- 15 Aug 2017

Group meetings, now scheduled at 10am every Monday, in the Electrical Engineering Building Board Room.

- 10 Jul 2017

Lissa Eyre has won financial support from the Winton Cambridge-Berkeley Exchange Programme. Lissa will be visiting the group of Prof. Jim Schuck in Berkeley from March to June 2017. Congratulations, Lissa, and bon voyage!

- 15 Dec 2016

Kate Groschner has achieved a distinction in her MPhil in Energy Technologies. Well done, Kate!

- 11 Oct 2016

Sarwat Baig, our IPES PhD student, has been awarded an Associate Studentship from the NanoDTC. Congratulations, Sarwat!

- 12 Feb 2016

Weite Gu, our final year undergraduate student, achieved a distinction (i.e. first class) in her MEng degree! Congratulations, Weite!

- 22 June 2015

Nanomaterial growth

III–V nanowires

Metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy

Molecular beam epitaxy


Ultrafast spectroscopy

Time-resolved micro-photoluminescence

Photoluminescence up-conversion

Optical pump-terahertz probe spectroscopy


Device physics

Nanowire-based solar cells

Solar water splitting

Quantum multiplexers

Light sources

Terahertz photonic devices