• D Ralph
    Tutorial on Equilibrium Programming
    Summer School, ICCOPT I, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 31 July - 1 Aug 2004
    equil-prog-tute-8-04.pdf PDF file.
    (ICCOPT homepage http://eaton.math.rpi.edu:16080/iccopt/)
  • Networks

  • D Ralph
    Nonlinear programming advances in mathematical programming with complementarity constraints
    MPCC-review.pdf A review of MPCC with motivation from traffic equilibria and communication networks. PDF file.
  • E Hult
    Closed Charging Cordon Design Problem
    Superised by Gavin Gaunt, UK Department for Transport, and Danny Ralph, University of Cambridge, July-Sep 2006
    Hult-traffic-cordon.pdf PDF file.
  • Preprints

  • G Giallombardo, D Ralph
    Multiplier convergence in trust region methods with application to ... MPECs
    Giallombardo-Ralph.pdf Mathematical Programming 112 (2008), 335-369. PDF file.
  • PJ Goulart, EC Kerrigan, D Ralph
    Efficient robust optimization for robust control with constraints
    Goulart-Kerrigan-Ralph.pdf To appear in Mathematical Programming, Series A. PDF file.
  • D Ralph and Y Smeers
    EPECs as models for electricity markets
    Ralph-Smeers-EPEC-electricity.pdf PDF file.
  • X Hu and D Ralph
    Using EPECs to model bilevel games in restructured electricity markets with locational prices
    epec-12-06.pdf PDF file.
  • X Hu, D Ralph, E Ralph, MC Ferris and P Bardsley
    Electricity generation with looped transmission networks: Bidding to an ISO
    elec-gen.pdf PDF file.
  • D Ralph and SJ Wright
    Some Properties of Regularization and Penalization Schemes for MPECs
    (to appear in OMS)
    mpec-reg.pdf PDF file
  • R Fletcher, S Leyffer, D Ralph and S Scholtes
    Local convergence of SQP methods for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints
    (to appear in SIAM J Optimization)
    Fletcher-Leyffer-Ralph-Scholtes.pdf PDF file.
  • X Hu and D Ralph
    Convergence of a Penalty Method for Mathematical Programming with Complementarity Constraints
    (to appear in JOTA)
    hr-pen-mpcc.pdf PDF file.
  • X Hu and D Ralph
    A note on sensitivity of value functions of mathematical programs with complementarity constraints
    (to appear in Math Programming)
    hr-sens-mpcc.pdf PDF file.
  • H Jiang and D Ralph
    Extension of quasi-Newton methods to mathematical programs with complementarity constraints
    (to appear in COAP)
    jr-qn-mpcc.pdf PDF file.
  • D Ralph
    A stable homotopy approach to horizontal linear complementarity problems
    (to appear in Control and Cybernetics)
    stable-hlcp.pdf PDF file.
  • QPECgen files

  • H Jiang, D Ralph
    QPECgen, A matlab generator for mathematical programs with quadratic objectives and affine variational inequality constraints.
    1997 working paper, revised & published in Computational Optimization and Applications (1999), 25-59.
    qpecgen97.pdf PDF file.
  • Matlab files:

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